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The Hoxton

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    Couldn’t decide on what to do on a Saturday night, so my friends and I decided to have a chill and relaxed night out. We arrived at The Hoxton around 12 a.m. Short line up and no dress code. We were able to get in pretty much immediately.

    The Hoxton
    69 Bathurst Street
    Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
    (416) 456-7321

    Walking up to the entrance led by these amazing lights strung across the ceiling, we paid $20 cover per person. Coat check, $6. Although the venue was quite small, it was not overly crowded and had a good mixture of people. The bar was along the left side of the room, and the dj booth at the very end. Decor and dress code was very casual and relaxed, so you could tell everyone was there just to have a good and fun relaxing night out.

    The music playing that night was one great house track after another. Everyone was having an amazing time jamming to their favourite songs. Drinks were not particularly expensive. Two shots of tequila came up to $15. One thing I really enjoyed was how well the venue was ventilated. It was not hot and stuffy like most clubs, but instead it was cool and relaxing.

    The dance floor was filled all night long although there are booths available. Corporate and birthday parties are welcomed with bottle service available. Overall it turned out an amazing night with good music and good company.

    The Damage:
    $26 (not including shots and brewskis)

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    best possible description of Brian: Works wayy too hard, but enjoys the simple things in life with a passion to give back to the community. He's interested in how things are started up and believes there are a ton of hidden gems within and just outside the city. Last but not least, continually grateful for all that has happened... the good and the bad. Cause honestly, we're more than blessed.

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