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Mainstreet – Unionville

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Let me talk to you about a small little hidden gem that some Torontonians might be missing out on.  If you’re ever feeling like one of those moods where you want to walk down a nice quiet street by yourself or with your significant other and enjoy some small shops and scenery in general, the place I’m about to mention is the place for you.

Main Street – Unionville
Markham, Ontario

What is this magical place you ask?  It’s a street known as Mainstreet – Unionville.  Mainstreet is one of those places that strike an impression to all those that end up coming here, especially those who have only known the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto.  Its one of those places that manage to reach out and grab the inner part of you that always wishes they could go to a nice small quaint town but that isn’t a far ride away especially if you live in the near the vicinity of Toronto.

Walking down the streets give a very small town feel, the architecture of the buildings and just the general layout of the street feels this way.  The area itself isn’t that long of a walk , you can probably cover most of it within 30 minutes-1 hr depending on how leisurely you walk and if you explore nearby surrounding areas such as Toogood pond you could probably spend the better half of the day here.

There are plenty of small shops that line the street and sell random things from bracelets and wedding dresses to home décor or sweet treats and even a local art gallery.  Take a walk around and explore each shop to the fullest, and even if that isn’t your thing, stop by any of the local pubs such as Unionville Arms or Jake’s and grab a drink and kick back with a couple of friends.  If alcohol isn’t your thing, there’s a Starbucks and Timothys as well to relax with a cup of coffee.  As well and as I mentioned earlier there is also Toogood pond.


Mainstreet is one of those great places to take your date to if you want to grab a nice bite to eat and relax with a nice stroll down the street.  Whether you’re a busy young professional or retiree, this street is a calming presence near Toronto that will keep you coming back for the scenary and general atmosphere of the street.

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