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Jeff Mitchum – Gallery at Bellagio

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On a recent trip to Vegas, my sister and I had the opportunity to go to Jeff Mitchum’s private Art Gallery showing at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Now it wasn’t just enough to check out his art gallery (where he waited for just the perfect opportunity to open it up), but Jeff also graciously shared with us what inspires him and what these photos mean. Now if you don’t know Jeff, he grew up in California where his work is best known for his eye for colour, detail and the use of natural light on landscapes around the World. With his background and experience of over 30 years, he is simply blessed with not just that photographer’s eye for beauty, but also what it truly means to convey a message/image to his audience.

Jeff Mitchum – Gallery at Bellagio
3600 Las Vegas Blvd, South
Las Vegas NV 89109
(702) 693-4700>

This event was host by Yelp (thanks Misti Y), my sis and I enjoy a simple malbec and chardonnay that was served as we took in the photos. The photos were breathe taking. You would think someone photoshopped those photos as they were the definition of perfection. The photos I have personally taken at this event and venue does not do it any justice at all. They were more vivid and personal in person. The best part of the night was when Jeff shared with the group the meaning behind some photos and why he does what he does. He talked about his past and he even choked up a little as he was sharing. That was simply a monumental point for me as I started to connect with not just Jeff as the famous photographer, but the meaning behind his photos. One of my biggest taken aways from that night can be summed as whenever and whatever photo you take, always remember you are trying to connect with each person that sees your photo. Trying to touch their core, where the photo is more than a photo, but a recollection of a moment or experience in time.

Some of my personal favourites were the use of the window frames of the military bunkers as the picture frames of his Israel photo collection. But more than just that, there’s a historical and geographical importance in why he did that. My favourite photo at the art gallery, which is hard by the way… cause honestly, you stand there in disbelief that these are photographs… not CGI, photoshop wonders, but actual photographs would have to be the one named, “Third Day”. Simplistic on the surface, but I just connected with the photo. And please note, this is my own interpretation of the photograph.. feel free to share yours. But when I look at the photograph, it conveys a message that though things are changing all around all the time (seasons of the forest), there is always light on the horizon. And if we lose ourselves in the thick of the craziness (forest), we may forget to look up… and know that hope (the light) is closer than we think.

Overall, this was a great event and the venue was the perfect get away from all the glitz and glam of Las Vegas. Getting the opportunity to meet Jeff Mitchum and having him share with us and myself was one of the highlights of the trip. Jeff and I spoke for a little and I cannot thank him enough for the words that he shared with me. I definitely recommend a visit over to his gallery at the Bellagio if you’re in Vegas, it’ll be worth it.

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