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Fickle in Love

Vitenamese 10 Jan 2012
The Urban Craze
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A Vietnamese restaurant opening up around Yonge and College? I just had to go. Now I went with a few friends on what they call their soft opening weekend. One of the first things you notice about the restaurant is the decor. It is very hard to miss and if anything, it’s soo eye catching that you can’t help but be enticed into trying the restaurant out. The decor is very modern with laser cut designs which are complimented with multi colour lights that change in intervals ever so often. This place can easily be a nightclub or lounge and they would not have to do anything. The seating is new, sleek and simply nice. High marks for the interior so far.

Fickle in Love
507 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Y3
(647) 351-3529

Now onto the food, their menu is pretty extensive and has more than the typical Vietnamese joint. They have decided to make available a number of other Asian dishes on their menu. So if you have friends that may not want viet, other choices are available. For me, pho is very important to a viet restaurant. It’s one of their most distinctive and cornerstone dishes that are available. A large pho ($10) here has 2 options that you can choose as toppings. I chose the rare beef option and the beef flank. My friends also decided to try out their traditional viet dishes and got their vermicelli. For vermicelli you also get the choice of 3 toppings to your order. In general, the 3 toppings chosen by the table were beef, chicken and pork. We also decided to try their dumplings ($5) as a small app for the table as a taster.Now the dumplings came out pretty quickly and first impression… it was a little dry. As well the flavour wasn’t the greatest. We were all thinking precooked and simply waiting to be ordered. The main Entrées came out about 5 minutes or so after. So the speed was definitely welcomed. The pho came in a big bowl and was served hot. I tried the broth first and it was alright. Pretty average and the noodles… they were subpar. They went with a type of noodles that wasn’t the typical thin Vietnamese pho dry noodles and not the traditional Chinese rice noodles. It was something in between. I felt that it didn’t compliment the dish as a whole.

For my friend’s vermicelli, they weren’t impressed either. Now we’re not the snobby type at all, but coming at $12-$13 for the dish this is substantial more than a lot of viet places in the downtown core as well as other GTA options. A lot of Vietnamese restaurant serve their vermicelli with something that’s just slightly thinner than the regular spaghetti type pasta/noodles. They decided to serve the vermicelli with extremely thin noodles. And this isn’t horrible as I’ve had them before and they can work. If you never had vermicelli, there’s this fish sauce which is used to pour over the noodles to essentially wet the noodles to give it some flavour. I personally like mixing all the contents before consuming. But my friends felt the toppings were average and didn’t like the dish overall. I tried some of theirs and definitely, some changes are required to turn this dish from just average to good. And at $12-$13, this is far too much to pay for just average or… just below average vermicelli.

Overall, I didn’t like Fickle Me Love. There wasn’t really much to love beside the decor. Which is really nice and got great remarks from everyone. But the food is expensive for what you get and the quality just isn’t there. We do have to give it up for their customer service which was extremely attentive. But this is a restaurant, not a lounge or nightclub where good service and a cool atmosphere is more than enough. We felt rather than focusing on food as the most important aspect, it was kinda an afterthought. Maybe they’re still ironing out the details and hope they’ll work on their food. But we won’t be returning until then, we wanna keep our tummy’s and wallets happy. Have you been? How was your experience, has things changed for the better?

The Damage: around 15ish after tax

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