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Smash Kitchen and Bar

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Brunch is one of those meals I feel like every individual should have everyday of the week. However, with busy work schedules and the simple daily grind of life, that never is the case. And sadly, this wonderful meal time is usually only available on the weekends.  Even on the weekends, forcing yourself to wake up after a rough night of drinking and partying is painful.  However during this particular night out my girlfriend reminded me that I had brunch the next morning with a friend and his significant other.  And with this reminder and fearing her wrath I was able to wake up in the morning and get up and enjoy this particular gem my buddy found up in Markham.  Welcome to Smash Kitchen and Bar restaurant.
4261 highway 7 east
Markham, ON L3R1L5
(905) 940-2000

Upon immediately walking in I was already impressed, while tucked away in a relatively commercial looking plaza, the inside of Smash did not fail to impressed.  The design was a very modern/industrial design and I really appreciated the look of the bar being placed in the centre of the establishment.

Shortly after marveling of the decor of the place, I could hear my stomach rioting from within and proceeded to quickly sit down and scanned through the Brunch menu to see what would satisfy my stomach.  While there looked like quite a few options that I would enjoy, I opted for the Smashed Benedict, and my girlfriend opted for Eggs Florentine, as well we added a “to die for” pancake under the advisement of my friend.

After a short wait and my stomach uppercutting my insides a couple times, our food arrived and it looked quite tasty.

Now let me tell you whats in this wonderful brunch dubbed the Smashed Benedict.  It was a combination of savoury pulled pork and brisket, combined with 2 poached eggs underneath a fluffy english muffin, melted cheddar cheese and gravy with a side of home fries to round it all out.  My mouth started to water at the sight of this wonder, I took my dining weapons of choice and proceeded to dig in.  My first bite of the pulled pork and brisket were quite tasty, it was cooked quite well and was quite moist.  However my next bite combined the wonderful egg, cheese and gravy together with the pulled pork and brisket.  My mouth was dancing in joy, all the wonderful flavours and spices from the pulled pork and brisket combined with the saltiness of the cheese was made even better with the creaminess of the wonderful yolk inside the eggs.  Bite after bite of this amazing taste combination made my stomach and taste buds sing with joy.  The home fries while nothing amazing, were prepared fresh and seasoned well, you’d be amazed at how often people screw up home fries, even I screw up home fries when I cook them.

With all the savoury flavours in my mouth I felt like it was time to add a bite of sweetness to all the flavours.  I proceeded to cut and dig into the “to die for” pancake that my friend said I must have.  The pancake was done extremely well, it was fluffy and moist and quite frankly while simple, it was a wonderful treat to eat.  It also had a nice cinnamon flavour to it as well.  Words cannot explain the wonderful simplicity yet amazing texture of this pancake, my only advice is to make sure you try one if you’re here.  While “to do for” is an overstatement it definitely is one of the better pancakes I’ve had.

eggs florentine

Readers of my articles know that I don’t stop with just my meal.  I usually proceed to anger my girlfriend somewhat and always steal a bit(ok a lot) of her meal and in this case it was the egg flortine.  The eggs florintine consists of 2 poached eggs, sauteed spinach, smoked salmon and capers with hollandaise sauce and home fries.  I proceeded to chip away at her meal, and once again as with my eggs, were cooked perfectly with yolk oozing out with every bite.  The smoked salmon and capers didnt taste much different from your standard smoked salmon, but with the eggs benedict was a good combination.

Overall we were quite impressed and pleasantly surprised that such a decent brunch place existed in Markham.  Now if only there were more weekends in the week so I could go to brunch more often.

The Damage: $35

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