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La Carnita

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La Carnita quickly left an impression on our palettes when they were a travelling pop-up taco stand before they found their permanent residence on the border of Little Italy. It’s been a year since they opened and they continue to bring diners back for their delicious Mexican street fare.
501 College St
Toronto, ON
M6G 1A5
(416) 964-1555

Everyone raved about La Carnita when it first opened and after finally getting my hands on their tacos last year, I knew I was going to be making multiple visits. On this particular evening, I brought my lab mates to La Carnita for some tacos but more specifically to a get the seal of approval from my friend from Mexico.

La Carnita - Exterior La Carnita - Interior

La Carnita doesn’t take reservations so make sure you arrive right when it opens to snag some seats. Or you can leave your number and they will call (or sext) you. If it turns out you have to wait a bit, it is completely worth it for the food. The turnover is decent so the wait isn’t too long.

The decor is a mixture of modern and street. The walls are covered with graffiti while the ceiling and light fixtures compliment the walls with its simplicity. The ambiance is quite loud so you can forget about having a quite conversation because you’ll end up having what feels like a shouting match.

La Carnita - Interior La Carnita - Food

We started with some drinks which included the cocktail of the day, Bourbon Cherry-Cola and several different flavours of Jarritos. Between the six of us we ordered the Tortilla Chips with ancho chili powder with the Guacamole.

La Carnita - Food
We could’ve easily demolished 3 orders but we would’ve been spoiling ourselves. The guacamole was hands down the best we’ve had! It also most resembled what my friend had back home. The guac had lots of lime juice but we couldn’t figure out what else was in it that made it extra lovely.

La Carnita - Food
We didn’t order the street corn but I had it during my first visit. The Mexican crema, queso anejo, arbol & ancho chili powder on it took it from your typical street corn to a whole new level!

La Carnita - Food La Carnita - Food
We ordered 2 tacos each. Half of the group don’t eat meat so opted for the veggie and fish options, Crispy Avocado & Frijoles, In Cod We Trust, and Tostada de Ceviche. The meat eaters of the group got the Beef Cheek and the daily special, Cochinita Pibil braised pork taco.

La Carnita - Food La Carnita - Food
The tacos were amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their orders. The stand out for me that night was definitely the Tostada de Ceviche! The combination of the guacamole, coconut milk, and habanero in my mouth was a party I did not want to leave. It was so delicious I probably could’ve had 5 more!

La Carnita - Food
We ended the night with churros with housemade cajeta (aka Dulce de Leche) and Paletas. The Paletas are gourmet Mexican popsicles and they always have a great selection of flavours. That night I got to choose from: key lime pie, chocolate peanut butter, cookies n’ cream, raspberry mango and maple waffle. I went with the last one.

I’m happy my recommendation to get dinner from La Carnita got the seal of approval from the entire group! We will definitely be back! La Carnita expanded their menu and now offers Sunday brunch!

**The day we went was the day after La Carnita’s 1 year anniversary of their restaurant opening! Happy birthday and we wish you many more!

The Damage: $146 after tax and tip for six

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