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Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

Korean 09 Dec 2011
The Urban Craze
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On a continued day filled with many food adventures, we made a stop at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu’s Yonge and Finch location. It was a cold day so what better way to warm up than stopping at Buk Chang Dong. As well, this was highly recommended by a fellow food enthusiast.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
5445 Yonge Street
ON M2N 5S1, Canada
(647) 430-7458

We order a simple soybean soon tofu (white) and a combination (extra spicy). The food didn’t take long to come at all (maybe 10 mins) and the service was quite attentive. We got our teas the minute we stepped in and this helped us warm up until the main event. The decor inside was simplistic and was more than adequate. But there is an aroma as you step in, but trust me it wasn’t a bad aroma at all.

Each dish comes with purple rice which is quite good that will compliment your Soon Tofu soup. As well, each order comes with small side dishes like bean sprouts and kimchi. After eating and sharing the food with friends it was almost safe to say the combination was the better choice of the two. It’s a tough verdict as I believe the soybean soon tofu would have been a good choice, but my friend can’t handle anything really spicy. My recommendation would be to order a minimum of medium as this would get you a nice kick that will go well with the soup base. The white level spiciness makes things a little too bland in my opinion. But a good choice if you’re not feeling the greatest as it’ll be what Cantonese people call, “ching” a clean and simple choice to describe food.

As we continue eating, I like to added some of the side dishes into the rice with the soon tofu. I personally like this as I’m kinda big eater so it’s a win win move. When they bring out the rice, it comes in its own hot pot. They’ll scoop the rice out for you and then pour water into the hot pot for easy clean up after. If you end up needing more rice, you can always eat the rice remains from there. A little soup base into that rice, add some sides and you’re good for another round. Overall I like Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu. Having went with a couple of friends on a cold day, it was a great choice. The service is attentive, the food was good and the price was very reasonable. So what is there to not like about Buk Chang Dong? They don’t have more locations.

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