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Aji Sai Japanese

Japanese 10 Jan 2012
The Urban Craze
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Ayce ayce, ayce ayce. This is a common chant amongst my friends whenever we’re deciding where to go to eat. And when it’s a large crowd, ayce normally wins. In case you’re not sure what ayce stands for, it’s All You Can Eat. For many of my friends, ayce almost directly translate to Japanese. That’s right, not an Americanized buffet place or an Indian joint, it’s gotta be Japanese… specifically sushi.

Aji Sai Japanese
467 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M5V
(416) 603-3366

So with a group pushing around 15 people, we headed over to Aji Sai on Queen for ayce sushi. This place has been here for a while and a popular choice downtown. Word to the wise, definitely make reservations if you can. Whether it’s for a table of 2 or for a table of many, make reservations. The wait can be pretty brutal and they won’t seat you till you have 75% of your guest there. The place is decorated well, nothing great but it’s definitely not a dump. I would call it the typical modern asian fusion type of decor that has flooded our food markets with. We get seated at our table and we order almost immediately. The selection is quite good but the only major different between lunch and dinner is probably the ability to order sashimi. And the sashimi here is alright. I would say average to maybe just slightly above average. For the salmon peeps out there, it’s alright you won’t complain nor will you sing their praises. The hot food wasn’t bad and with such an extensive menu, you can easily get lost. The shrimp tempura was fresh and nicely battered. We ordered wayy too many meat dishes so be careful when ordering as the they give you a fair amount with each order. Didn’t like the cooked fish as they didn’t taste fresh. And when they’re not fresh and you have a huge portion, it’s gonna be a tough night.

Now the maki and sushi we had were all rolled pretty well. They didn’t over stuff it with rice or cheap out by giving you more vegs. You did get what you ordered. I’m a big maki fan and though all the ingredients and portions were there, something just didn’t add up. The flavour wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad at all, you can eat much worse maki, but just… Didn’t meet my expectations. Had better but very similar to New Sushi Island. The sushi was okay. The fish to rice ratio was good which is very important. We had a couple of huge salmon sushi fans and they were able to put her stamp of approval. Service wasn’t bad but they did forget a couple of items on our order. So you may have to remind them or reorder a couple of times.

Overall, Aji Sai wasn’t bad. The place looks well kept and they do appear to care about cleanliness and quality. It’s quite popular so service can drop once it gets busy. And you’re probably bound to have a few items missed. But the food selection is pretty good and the quality is a little bit above average. Is it the best ayce sushi in town, no… but you can do much worse.

The Damage: $23.32 after tax for dinner ayce

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