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Porchetta & Co

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Last week my coworkers, boss and I went for a little stroll during lunch time to a nearby sandwich shop I’ve been dying to try. I’ve heard many great things about this little porchetta shop, and that it was rated as one of the best places to eat last year. The shop is on Dundas, just two blocks or so west of Bathurst and a little ways off from China town and Kensington. The glass on the window is really reflective, and because the sign is printed on the glass, the shop is pretty easy to miss, even with the red brick framing the store. Oh and did I mention it’s cash only? There’s a bank on Bathurst and Dundas though in case you’re stuck in a pickle.

Porchetta & Co
825 Dundas St W

My first impression of the shop was that it was small and quaint with a bit of  a rustic feel. There are a couple single seats along the walls like most speciality shops in this area so us four took our sandwiches to go. The menu was simple with only a couple things you could order – the porchetta sandwich, the porchetta plate, and the breakfast sandwich. There were plenty of toppings and sides to choose from though. For the sandwich that I ordered I had the option of choosing from tomato sauce, truffle sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms, rapini, extra meat and a side of hot peppers. I asked the lady at the cash for her recommendation and she said that the shop specialty was truffle sauce, parmesan, mustard (this is standard) and hot sauce. I said yes to everything except the hot sauce. I usually do this the first time only because I can never tell how much or which brand someone might add and I get worried I’m going to end up with a mouth full of inferno.

How was my sandwich? Made fresh to order with plenty of TLC.  The bread was soft and fresh. The crust wasn’t too hard or crunchy. The pork was done just right and was quite juicy and flavourful. It reminded me a lot of Chinese roast pork. I loved how they put in little piece of crunchy skin to add a little textural variety to the bite. The mustard was nice but a little overpowering at times. Perhaps my bun was a little unevenly spread but there were a couple bites there where I had some eye-watering too-much-mustard-on-my-tongue moments. The truffle sauce was an interesting choice – fragrant, unique, and undoubtedly memorable. Would it have been my first choice? Probably not. Would I try it again? Yeah I think so, it’s interesting. The parmesan was lightly shaved and added a little depth to the sandwich.

How was the service? Well, I don’t know, there wasn’t much! The first thing I noticed upon stepping in was how blank-faced and silent the porchetta folk were. Trying to strike up a conversation with the cashier was like pulling teeth. All I got was a blank-face, monotone mumble. Someone blow some life into this joint!

Overall would I recommend this place? Yes. It’s a unique flavour and a great sandwich at a reasonable price for a downtown joint. I think next time, I’ll try the rapini and the mushrooms… maybe the breakfast sandwich?

Did it live up to the hype? Well, I’m not sure about that but it was still tasty!

The Damage: $9.21 after tax

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