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Drinks 16 Sep 2015

Revitasize is a relatively newer cold pressed juice company that has quickly gained fans for their focus on making healthy living simple. This all started when Aaron Spivak’s mother, Rachel took on a 60-day juice cleanse (even did the hard work of juicing for herself) and truly saw what a transformation it was. Rachel ended up losing 60 pounds in the process and friends and family took notice. Rachel was feeling and looking healthy. Soon enough, the Spivak’s found themselves making juices for their close friends and family and it grew to two locations in a year. One in Yorkville and one in Thornhill.
70 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1B9
(416) 922-8822

Arriving at Revitasize at their 70 Yorkville location, I was impressed to see just how big their menu offering was. From salads to energy protein balls and if you have a little bit of time, raw shakes made right on site. I was also impressed by their a wide variety juices and the different combinations they are offering (over 35+ juices). I was welcomed by Gad (Aaron’s brother) and he dove right into how my lifestyle was. How healthy or not healthy I’ve been living the past little while. You can feel and see that their focus is always with their customers. To try and understand their needs and where they are in their lifestyle. I shared this would be only my second 1-day cleanse ever, so still very much a newbie. He touched on that all their juices were made from organic non GMO non HPP fresh fruits and veggies and that I was in good hands. Some of their most popular juices are Feeling Green and the Charcoal Lemonade, so I’ll be sure to try those after the cleanse.

For my 1-day cleanse I was given 5 bottles and 1 booster, so let’s see how it goes. Let’s hope I get the chance to sleep earlier tonight. =)

The Urban Craze - Revitasize - Sun Power
[8:23AM-8:52AM] Sun Power
Fail. Once again I slept late and woke up a little tired (it’s recommended to get at least 7-8 hours before a cleanse). But I’m ready to take on the second cleanse in our series, LEGO!. I drank a half a cup of water right when I woke up (aim for a cup if possible) which was the recommended steps before consuming the first juice of the cleanse. They recommend waiting 30 mins after drinking water to have our digestive system wake up. So once I finished my morning routine and began my work day, I started drinking Sun Power. The first sip, it was delicious. Took a second sip, yup that’s just how it taste. Delicious! With 4/5 increased being fruits, I can tell why I enjoyed it. There’s a sweetness to it and a refreshing cucumber aftertaste with each sip. A great way to wake up and start the day and our cleanse with Revitasize.

The Urban Craze - Revitasize - Feeling GReen
[11:07AM-11:42AM] Feeling Green
Lunch time roams around and I’m starting to feel a little hungry. Looking at Feeling Green, it is just packed with so many ingredients and veggies. With a total of 11 ingredients the taste comes out much better than one would suspect. My initial thought was, this looks like its way to healthy to be tasty, but I was completely wrong. It has nice balance with veggies and you get that refreshing lemon and cucumber finish. Yes, you can taste the veggies but it isn’t bitter, it goes down easy.

The Urban Craze - Revitasize - Burdoch Splash
[2:22PM-2:58PM] Burdock Splash
When midday blues rolls around, I usually join the coffee/tea runs and grab something to pick me up. With the Burdock Splash, I found it provided the same boost that I required. With tumeric and ginger, the first sip will definitely give you the kick required to continue the day. Prior to this, I did not know much about burdock root, but found it has many great benefits that are not just high in vitamins and electrolyte potassium, but provided further cleansing elements for both internal ailments and remedies for skin problems. The initial flavour profile is interesting. The lemon does bring out a slight bitterness from tumeric and spice from ginger. But I found it got better with each sip. I’m neither hungry or full, but do feel a little less full compared to my previous cleanse. And am starting to feel a possible headache coming on. Now time for the TMI portion, I have gone to washroom once already and have had 1.5 glasses (16oz) of water. =P

The Urban Craze - Revitasize - Enerbeet
[5:19PM-5:50PM] Enerbeet
Down to the second last drink, the Enerbeet. The major taste profile of the drink has to be beet, but without the tartiness. The beet flavour is not overpowering and I think the orange and apple juice helps to balance out the drink. I can feel my stomach growling but it’s not hungry. I think my body just miss eating/chewing food. It is uncommon for us to consume all our nutrition purely in liquid form. TMI: I have now gone to the washroom twice and have now hit 2.5 glasses of water.

The Urban Craze - Revitasize - Sweet Kale
[9:00PM-9:37PM] Sweet Kale
For the last drink of the night, I’m having it much later than scheduled due to other obligations. Sweet Kale is true to it’s name. Unlike other kale drinks I’ve had before, it’s sweet but not overpowering. This might be because of the pineapple and pear which brings a mild sweetness making it very easy to drink and down. In terms of how I’m feeling, I feel a very slight headache, but nothing like last time. And in terms of hunger, I found with one less juice, it did not keep me as full throughout the day. But by no means am I hungry. Lastly, I’m getting much more craving for food than my last cleanse. I’m not sure if that’s dependent on my level of fullness. Time to see how I feel the morning after.

Final thoughts and Impression
The morning after the day, I feel pretty good. I had a nightmare last night which woke me up during the night (TMI TMI), but still feeling better than my usual wake up struggles. This is surprising as anytime I have disturbed sleep, I pay for it dearly the next day. I had tea, a banana and water before consuming my first meal, lunch. I headed back to Revitasize and was once again greeted by Gad. It was a warm welcome with a curious vibe to hear how my experience was. He recommended for my first post-cleanse meal, I should grab the vegan wrap. I couldn’t help myself and also inquired about the acai bowl for lunch. The vegan wrap is a great healthy bang for your buck choice. I was only able to eat 1.5 wraps out of the 3 given. It can easily be split into 2 meals. The acai bowl was absolutely delicious. I didn’t realize how cold it was, but it was refreshing, tasty and higher in natural sugars. So I definitely would recommend anyone grabbing one, see if you can get a half bowl and pair it with a juice.

Overall, I found Revitasize to provide a little more fruit juice in their drinks which helps to sweeten their beverages. Gad also shared that they are close to offering over 50 juices in the near future. Which with those offerings, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste and needs. What I really liked about Revitasize is the geniune commitment to seeing you live a healthier lifestyle. By offering more than just juice, they are making it a little easier pre, during and post juicing to maintain that lifestyle. They offer soup, salads, wraps, protein/energy booster, and those delicious acai bowl. They too have similar philosophies to ours that everything should be done in moderation. Can’t juice cleanse forever, but definitely try to incorporate more veggies and fruits into your diet. And juicing is a great way to do so.

The Damage: $59.99 before tax

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  1. Sophie
    September 17, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    I have been addicted to their juices since they opened up a year ago in Thornhill, I walked in one day and instead of grabbing my regular morning coffee, I drank the coffee cashew and been addicted to ever cents

    Have done the clanses a few times already all I can tell you that I got compliments up on compliments about my hair my weight my skin and so on

    The amount of energy that you’re going to receive from juices is incredible so when you wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning you can write the review and keep us all updated !!!

    • Brian
      September 17, 2015 at 3:50 pm

      Thanks Sophie for your comment. We really enjoyed our juice cleanse and are huge fans of how much attention to detail they put into their customers. From recommending juices/foods to helping them live a healthy lifestyle. It definitely goes a long way. =)

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