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Greenhouse Juice Co.

Drinks 09 Sep 2015

Greenhouse Juice Co. is a very popular cold-pressed juice company that’s based right here in Toronto. They first opened their doors at their flagship store at 5 Macpherson Avenue back in January 2014 and has quickly expanded to 6 locations. Their goal is simple, to help integrate plant-based nutrition that’s also delicious into our busy lives. All their ingredients are certified organic. Their juices are never compromised with pasteurization, high pressure processing (HPP) or plastic bottles.
5 Macpherson Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1W7
(416) 546-1719

As our first feature in our cold pressed juice cleanse series, Hana James (co-founder) were great in getting a first timer like me prepared. They recommended getting ready 1-2 days before my 1-day cleanse to prepare the body and to really see the benefits of the cleanse. Changing my diet to include much more raw foods and moving off of processed foods and sugars. Upon my visit, they recommended ‘The Standard Cleanse’ which includes 6 juices and 2 boosters. As a first timer, I have to say I am super excited and can’t wait for try it out. They recommend to try and get a good nights rest before the cleanse as well, so try to get at least 7-8 hours before starting your cleanse.

We’ll be featuring 3 other juiceries every Wednesday for the month of September. So be sure to follow us. See who is featured and how they compare. And how I manage to stay afloat in our hectic urban lifestyle in what we call, ‘a day in life’ juice cleanse series.

The Urban Craze - Greenhouse Juice Co - Clean-Zing
[7:41AM-8:20AM] Clean-Zing
Woke up a little tired but excited for the cleanse. Right after brushing my teeth, I started drinking clean-zing and got going with my daily routine. The name clean-zing really does embody the drink. It has a refreshing lemon flavour but also a punch as an aftertaste that hits you. That liquid cayenne can definitely get you going, a jolt even.

the urban craze - Greenhouse Juice Co. - East of Eden
[10:47AM-11:23AM] East of Eden
Surprisingly I’m not hungry. I’m usually an early lunch time eater. Feeling refreshed and feeling good despite not having my usual morning coffee. East of Eden is a green drink that isn’t too bitter so it won’t hit you in the face like a shot of wheatgrass would. Liking it so far, I wonder how this compares to the The Good.

the urban craze - Greenhouse Juice Co - Boosters
[12:20PM] E3 Live Booster
Lunch time roams around and I’m still holding strong. Not hungry or dare I say hangry which is nice. I have never had E3 which is a plant-based superfood that is non-GMO, vegan and a rich source of chlorophyll. But unlike wheatgrass, comes from blue-green algae. It definitely taste better than wheatgrass, it’s a thumbs up for me.
[4:43PM] Raw Aloe Booster
Now I’m no stranger to aloe. I’ve had them in my drinks in the past and really enjoyed them. I’ve usually had them as sugary aloe drinks or have them added into bubble tea or green tea. The raw aloe didn’t have much of a taste. I noticed a very small slight bitter taste, but found the raw aloe booster refreshing. However, did notice my headache worsening.

the urban craze - Greenhouse Juice Co - The Good
[2:25PM – 3:02PM] The Good
The Good is definitely doing something good for my body. Taste wise, I’ll have to admit it’s much harder to get down. It taste like good health in a bottle, lol. Along with the juice cleanse I’ve had 2 glasses of water (16oz) and have gone to the washroom once. Hunger wise, I’m doing well. Not hungry or full. Though I can tell my body is starting to really get into the cleanse. Stomaches grumbling and a slight headache where my body is adjusting to life without the usual coffee runs I join at work.

the urban craze - Greenhouse Juice Co. - Brazil Nut Milk
[Throughout the day] Brazil Nut Milk
This was probably my favourite drink throughout the day. As there isn’t much protein with the cleanse, this is something that I felt my body needed. It kept me feeling full and the taste was delicious. It’s smooth and has a sweetness from the vanilla that can give anyone a lift. So if you’ve just done a heavy weight set at the gym, I would total reach for this as my protein supplement. It also makes me wonder what does Almond Milk taste like? My headache has not changed for better or worse, but I have now finished 3 glasses of water (16oz) and have gone to the washroom twice in total.

the urban craze - Greenhouse Juice Co. - Deep Roots
[6:46PM-7:30PM] Deep Roots
The Good to Deep Roots, we bounce back to a sweeter drink. Now I know some of us worry that including beets can make the drink tarty, but this drink was far from that. It was very smooth and balanced. It wasn’t too sweet and as you continue to drink it, you can feel a richness to it. Deep roots gave you a sense of earthy richness and I think that might be from the carrots and celery. I can feel my body really starting to get into the cleanse. My headache has unfortunately gotten worse and my body is sending me signals wondering what I’m doing to it. One more drink to go.

The Urban Craze - Greenhouse Juice Co. - Seed Hydrator
[9:02PM-9:37PM] Seed Hydrator
It’s ch-ch-ch-ch-chia. This is the last bottle of the day that’s part of ‘The Standard Cleanse’ by Greenhouse Juice Co. It’s a lightly flavoured drink with chia seeds. The taste is very much like lemon water that’s slightly sweet. It’s really easy to drink and gives you all the fiber and protein you need as the last bottle of the day (I personally enjoy chewing the chia seeds). So whether you still have a few more late night/evening stops or errands to do, it’ll keep you filling full. My body has made a bounce back in terms of energy levels and my headache’s still there but definitely much more manageable. I hope to sleep well tonight. =)

Final Impression and Thoughts
Overall, I found my first juice cleanse an interesting experience. I woke up feeling lighter and dare I even say healthier. Sleeping was harder last night because of the headache and I carried a very mild one even after waking up. So that was definitely one of the lows for me personally. But I felt like it helped to recharge my body a little. I did not wake up hungry and I followed the recommended meal selection of keeping it just veggies/salad for my first meal post cleanse. What I would change differently would be to finish the Brazil Nut Milk earlier in the day and sleeping a little more beforehand. But overall, I really enjoyed Greenhouse Juice Co’s 1-day cleanse. I mean, I gave them the week after the Labour Day long weekend where I ate basically nothing but BBQ and they did exceptionally well. Big BIG thank you to Greenhouse Juice Co. for partnering right us. I’m excited to see how our next featured 1-day cleanse partner fares and how I manage it next week. Stay tuned folks. =)

The Damage: $69/1-day cleanse before tax

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