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Cedar Juice

Drinks 14 Oct 2015

Cedar Juice started out in July 2014 when a need was becoming more evident in the work hard and dear God, hope to play even harder mentality when living in our today’s world. Ashley Cuff, one of the co-founders of Cedar Juice was working in NYC where she noticed people wanted to find that healthy balance. People want to live and kickstart healthier living, that’s a fact. It’s hard to eat 2-4 pounds of fruit and veggies in one sitting. With juice, it was a great way to flood the system with so much nutrients to give us that energy and bounce we need to maybe go for one less cheeseburger and opt to add a little more green to our diet.

They are also found in many retail stores across Toronto: Find Cedar Juice
(877) 435-6684

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juices - Shipping Box

In getting the chance to speak with Ashley, she shared that with our fast paced lifestyle it’s hard at times to find those healthy options and that healthy balance when you’re running between multiple things. Juices are simple. One bottle and it provides so much nutrient. Ashely, who like myself, am a recovering coffee addict likes the option of grabbing something healthy that’s not only nutritious but also good for you. Ashley’s favourite is the Kale Made Good, and the customer’s pick, a tie between Tropic Kale and Pineapple Head. Cedar Juices are organic, always cold pressed, and never pasteurized.

For my 1-day cleanse I was provided 6 bottles that was delivered straight to my door. This was super convenient and the free delivery is a really nice touch. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juices - Kale Made Good
[9:41AM-10:12AM] Kale Made Good
Starting today’s cleanse much later than anticipated, but feeling good about it. Got my first juice and for a ‘green’ drink that packs 3-4 lbs of fruits and veggies, it’s quite neutral and pleasant. No real bitter taste for me. I know from many friends, that’s something they always ask me. I find the bitterness does varies from juicer to juicer. But for this particular juice, it does come out neutral and is easier to digest if the bitter taste scares you. I believe the pear and cucumber helps to balance out the overall drink. And lastly as a first drink, I like how you can see the fibre that’s in the juice. Excited to try the next few.

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juice - Pineapple Head
[11:44AM-12:07PM] Pineapple Head
Delicious. And I’m not a huge pineapple fan (Yes, I know.. I’m crazy). But really liking the balance of pineapple, pear and the MINT! It’s a really combination and the aftertaste is wonderful. I think I’m not usually a fan of pineapple as it can get acidic and that attacks my body and my teeth making it sensitive. This juice on the other hand was balanced, not acidic and you would never expect it, but did I mention the mint. This juice went down almost way too quick, so I had to slow myself down. But Pineapple head, you are in the early lead. =)

[1:32PM-2:02PM] Kale Made Good
As the third juice of the day, Kale Made Good makes a return visit. Surprisingly this time around, it’s a little more bitter than the first time I’ve had it. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not bitter by any means. I’ve had about 2 glasses of water by now, so I’m staying hydrated and things are looking well. No hungry pains and no headaches so far. Warning TMI: I have for gone to the washroom around lunch time. I’m a little tired which is also surprisingly, but other than that everything is looking well.

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juice - Lemon's Your Lucky Day
[4:07PM-4:41PM] Lemon’s Your Lucky Day
With a name like Lemon’s Your Lucky Day you would imagine it’s a very tarty drink. Like a super hero lemonade with a punchy demeanour. This particular juice however definitely has a punch, but is far from guns blazing. And to me, this is a perfect balance. With the nectar and mint, it sweetens ups the juice and provides a refreshing aftertaste. Overall, I feel pretty good and no headaches. Which is great news as someone who experiences a lot of headaches cleansing or not. Stomaches growling a little so will continue to drink water in between juices which is key while cleansing.

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juice - Skip to the Beet
[6:11PM-6:39PM] Skip to the Beet
Loving the name of this juice. With a pinkish/purple drink, it reminds me of Skip to my Lou to any Raptors fans out there. I’m starting to noticed a trend with Cedar Juices. They are really well balanced and to Ashley’s comments, they really do put an emphasis towards making the juices quite tasty and delicious. After Pineapple head, I would probably have to rank this as my second favourite. I really like how the apple in the drink sweetens up the juice, and the tartness from beet is mellowed out with the carrot. Feeling good but am starting to experience a mild headache… let’s hope it goes away.

The Urban Craze - Cedar Juice - Cracked It
[9:02PM-9:31PM] Cracked It
What a timely juice, Cracked It. In case you haven’t caught up, Jose Bautista’s 3 run blast and Osuna amazing pitching has just helped advance the Jays to ALCS. Cracked It is a very nice cashew milk that’s sweetened by Vanilla Bean and has a rich but not overwhelming flavour and grit to the milk. If you’re familiar with the Chinese branded soya milks, it really reminds me of that. There’s a sweet richness to it that keeps you coming back for more. And I have now finished about 3.5 glasses of water, so I should be okay in terms of staying hydrated. Now for my favourites, I’m currently at lost for words as I now have a two-way tie for second between Cracked It and Skip to the Beet. And Pineapple Head has only a slight lead as my favourite from the cleanse. Overall, the mild headache is still there but I feel well overall. With this milk, I feel full which alleviates my concerns of going into bed hungry. Looking forward to how I feel tomorrow morning and will attempt to do my morning work out. =)

Final Impression and Thoughts
Woke up in the morning and felt a little lighter and yes, healthier. For the second time, I woke up before my alarm clock which is a good sign. My headache is gone but on the negative side, I did feel a little hungry. I grabbed my morning tea and headed into work feeling good.

Overall, it seems like Cedar Juice has a good balance/recipe for their juices. I found their juices to be a little bit tastier than other juices I have tried. But also wished there were a booster or two which would have helped with the tiredness that I felt yesterday. I would say their juices are a little safer than others juicers as they don’t include turmeric, cayenne, etc. other spices or ingredients that may pack a punch.

I do really like how convenient and well-made their website is. And I even got a email after my cleanse to see how it went. Unfortunately, I did not find a juice package/book, so had to refer to their website of how I should prepare and what my agenda was for the cleanse. They have a great referral program which helps get friends and family onboard. As Cedar Juice is available at a number of partner retail locations, be sure to stay tuned as they’ll be releasing new juices in the near future. I want to thank Ashley and the whole Cedar Juice team. It was a great way to end off an awesome series and gaining some insight on the whole cold pressed juice scene and getting to know some key players within our great city. I would recommend anyone to grab a green juice over coffee any day, especially if you’ve been eating terribly for the past little while. =)

The Damage: $70 before tax

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