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Monsieur Félix & Mr. Norton Cookies

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    Valentine’s Day. A day to not only celebrate romantic loves, but also a day to celebrate all loves. After a long day of events (lunch date, home baked cupcakes, and pink roses), I continued my celebration of Valentine’s Day with family and friends. To what I thought was a dinner with good food and good company, a friend of mine surprised me with a beautiful box with a big red ribbon on top.

    Felix & Norton
    Markham Town Square
    8601 Warden Avenue
    Markham, ON L3R 9P6
    (905) 479-2172

    To my surprise, it was a 24 stem bouquet of… cookies!! All of Monsieur Félix and Mr. Norton’s cookies are freshly baked with belgium chocolate, unbleached flour, natural vanilla, and all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Included in the bouquet was a range of flavours including: Dark Chocolate Chunk, Ménage À Trois, Ebony & Ivory, Double Chocolate, Pralines & Cream, Nutcracker Sweet, Amaretto, Oatmeal Raisin, Vanilla White Chocolate, Caramelt, and Lemon Delight.


    Originating from Montreal, Quebec, Félix and Norton have been making cookies for a quarter of a century. Their philosophy is to make each and every customer’s experience happy. Deliriously happy. Following their motto “your life is now, indulge,” they wish to remind us through their cookies to savour every single moment in our lives. To “truly indulge, by being completely raptured by that experience.”

    If you’d like to make your own memories, Félix and Norton also sell cookie dough so you can bake them at home. Flavours available to take home include: Milk Chocolate Chunk, Ménage À Trois, and Ebony & Ivory.

    Although I haven’t sampled all of the delicious cookies yet, my favourites so far have been Pralines & Cream, Amaretto, and Lemon Delight.

    Hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day ♥

    The Damage: $40 after tax

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