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Greg’s Ice Cream

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There is nothing more refreshing on a summer’s day than a big scoop of ice cream to give you some relief from the heat. A friend introduced me to Greg’s Ice Cream several years ago and since then I’ve always been back bringing along friends who have never been to try the premium, all-natural and some of the most original ice cream flavours in Toronto.

Greg’s Ice Cream
750 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5S 2J4
(416) 962-4734

Greg’s is located in the Annex in a little shop that seats about 15 people. This little establishment has been around for more than 30 years and is known to draw long line-ups that circle around the block.

As we entered the little ice cream parlour on a very warm Saturday evening, there was a family of four seated and finishing up their treats and several customers lined up by the ice cream counter placing their orders. The walls are brightly coloured and the wall by the entrance was decorated with fun and cute drawings of ice cream done on coloured paper by children in the local community. With the limited seating, we made a beeline for the available chairs and table and claimed our spot before placing our orders.

I was on a double date with Denice and we had just finished dinner not too long ago and so both of us and our significant others opted to share than each getting our own individual ice creams. We got two double scoops of ice cream in a dish at a very reasonable price not too different from what you would find at popular ice cream joints like Baskin Robbins.

Behind the ice cream counter was a list of about 18 flavours written on a whiteboard that were available that day. The flavours changed ever so often but there are several staples that always remain on the board. One of those flavours included their most popular, Roasted Marshmallow. Peering into the freezer where all the tubs of ice cream sat, they all looked quite plain but don’t let the dull appearance fool you!

Denice & Co decided on Roasted Marshmallow as per my suggestion and they were impressed by how much it tasted like the actual thing. They silently enjoyed the ice cream letting their taste buds soak in the wonderful sweet flavour of a lightly roasted marshmallow that you can only experience over a campfire minus the disappointment of accidentally-setting-your-marshmallow-on-fire. They chose Chocolate Mint as their second flavour and as the name suggests, the chocolate flavour overpowered the mint leaving only a faint mint flavour. I love when mint and chocolate are paired together so I was excited to taste this and I actually anticipated a slightly stronger mint flavour similar to Laura Secord’s French Mint chocolate bar. The texture of the ice cream was slightly grainy, likely from the grounded chocolate

I think we all have a tendency to choose what we are familiar with and be safe with our decisions especially when it comes to food. My partner let me take the reins and I took this opportunity to step outside my ice cream box and his. While Greg’s offered samples, I didn’t take any and settled on Lemon Meringue and Banana. The Lemon Meringue was creamy and mildly refreshing. It tasted like the pie but without the crust and tangy lemon curd. I would recommend to have this flavour on a cone to mimic the pie crust. I was pleasantly surprised that the Banana tasted like the actual fruit but creamier and not the artificial banana flavour we so often find. The ice cream definitely did not leave that aftertaste that bananas do when it is eaten before it is fully ripen. If I had this flavour again, I would add hot fudge sauce or chocolate chips kinda like eating a chocolate covered banana but better.

Overall, we all enjoyed the ice cream and the server was full of smiles, which only added to our experience. I would without a doubt go back to try their other flavours.

Greg’s Ice Cream finally opened in the Distillery District and I will definitely be there to check out their new digs.

What are some of your favourite ice cream flavours?

The Damage: $11.30 after tax

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  1. denice
    June 29, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Mmmm… roasted marshmallow… *auuughhh drools* [insert Homer Simpson face]

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