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Butter Avenue

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Legitimate French pastry in Toronto, that doesn’t sound right, does it? A few of the team, Denice, Sammy and I had the chance to sit down with the owner, Calvin and his sister Tina, the pastry chef over at Butter Avenue for a chat. Butter Avenue is cafe that serves delicious French pastries with a speciality in macarons that’s located midtown along Yonge Street north of Lawrence. Calvin and Tina, had this idea brewing for well over 5 years before finally opening up their very own shop.

Butter Avenue
3467 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N 2N3
(647) 341-8686

The two siblings have worked hard together in providing a strong pedigree for Butter Avenue. Tina has mastered her craft over in France while attending Pastry school and constantly fine turns her recipes day in and day out. The popular Matcha macarons for an example has undergone well over 20 variations and finding the perfect ingredients and supplier has taken them a little under a year. Calvin, a businessman and salesman by trade works hard on not just the logistics of the shop, but also the important details with Tina for right image and branding for themselves. They shared how they hope people will remember them not just from their macarons, which by the way are simply one of the best in Toronto, but from the packaging to their warm approach daily. They are definitely one of the nicest owners/chefs I have met. I heavily encourage you guys to talk to them and say hi during your visit, tell them theurbancraze sent you. =P

The decor and branding is very clean and modern. From the white chairs and tables inside their store to the yellow and white packaging. In fact, if you look at the packaging and ever wondered what the little logo is, you’ll be surprised to know it’s actually a silhouette of Calvin’s own dog. Out front, they have a massive macaron tower that’s hard to miss as you enter the store.

During our visit, Calvin gave us the chance to try their Top 3 sellers. For personal favourites, Tina’s top 3 are: 1) Matcha 2) SeaSalt Caramel and tied for third, Passion Fruit and Earl Grey. For Calvin: 1) Matcha 2) SeaSalt Caramel 3) White Chocolate Strawberry. My personal favourites and fully knowing it sounds like a broken record are SeaSalt Caramel and Matcha. The macarons over at Butter Avenue has a great flavour and texture to them. I’ve tried some where they were either a little too hard and flaky which really hurt the overall feel as there were simply too much crunch to it. Tina has found a sweet spot where the soft flavourful inside compliments each macaron with every bite.

Along with macarons, Butter Avenue’s serves up great coffee and tea. In fact, the coffee beans they use are also found amongst some of the top coffee joints in downtown Toronto. Calvin says quality is of the highest importance as it truly helps to complete the taste and experience at Butter Avenue as you are enjoying their tasty treats. As well, they have started to offer sandwiches just 2 weeks ago. They have French styled cold-cut sandwiches that are made fresh daily. To give you an example of one of their sandwiches, it’s a smoky black forest ham & cheese sandwich with fresh dill that has a mashed potato filling.

Butter Avenue opened their doors just before Christmas last year. Fully knowing how hard starting your own business is we asked them, what’s their advice for people starting up? Their advice to anyone that’s about to begin is to be prepared. It’s a 24/7 job where Tina stresses more than just the physical toll that’s required, it’s definitely the mental trials and battles you will go through. They believe that in order to succeed, always have faith in your product and in yourself. You are your best critic. Both Calvin and Tina encourages everyone that

“…whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or doing it for the first time, remember where you’re coming from and why you started this business” – Butter Avenue

And with a strong sense of discipline, you’ll be able to achieve your own pursuit of happiness.

Overall, we liked Butter Avenue. Great tasty treats, one of the best macarons in Toronto and some of the nicest owners and chefs I have ever met. How can we not like them? We also asked both Calvin and Tina what’s next in store for them. They said as the summer months roll around, they will start releasing more and more flavours. They want to fully incorporate the seasonal delights and flavours which will be made available for all their customers to try soon. They also have heart shaped macarons that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. They will be participating in Maracon Day on March 20th where each customer will receive one free macaron during their visit. Also, a portion of their proceeds will be going to Red Door Shelter. So drop by and buy a box, you won’t regret it.

The Damage: $15.12 after tax for a box of 6

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  1. Andrea
    November 2, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Visited this place just over a week ago to try their coffee and macarons. Really like the atmosphere and design. Their latte is quite good and I love their macarons! My favourite flavours are matcha, white chocolate strawberry, and earl grey. The taste of the flavours really comes through without being overpowering, and the texture is just right! Definitely going to visit again :)

    • Brian
      November 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm

      Early grey and sea salt camarel are quite good. We’re glad you had a good time at Butter Avenue. They now serve brunch too. If you end up trying it, let us know how it’s like. =)

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