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Ravi Soups

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I finally got the opportunity to meet up with a friend of mine named Theresa. She being working hard and commuting back and forth between Toronto and you guessed it… Mississauga. It was pretty cold that day so for our lunch options, we wanted something warm and hearty. Now, the options on the table started off with Asian and maybe heading over to Chinatown for Congee or Pho. Theresa with a spur of adventure in her that day wanted something slightly different. She asked me what can we grab that was nice and simple? Ravi Soups instantly popped into my head.

Ravi Soups
322 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1R1
(647) 435-8365

Now I have never been to Ravi Soups but have been told it’s a solid choice. If you like wraps and soups, you should definitely check it out. So with that kind of a recommendation, we decided on Ravi Soups for lunch. An awesome wooden communal table was spotted right in the middle of the sitting area as we walked in. Unfortunately it was fully occupied. We lucked out and were able to grab a table at the back. Their patio is quite big, so that can always be an option. As a heads up, this place gets quite busy during lunch time so come prepared. Take out is a popular choice especially for the office dwellers in the area. Theresa “great” sense of adventure ended when we ordered the exact same thing.. I know right? Le sigh =P

We both opted for the lunch combo for $10.99. We each got the Curried Lamb wrap and the Porcini wild mushroom and rice bisque. The curried lamb is prepared and stuffed with roasted yams, baby spinach, a mango pineapple salsa, lime chili & a little bit of mint cilantro. The soup included crispy shallots and truffle oil which was definitely intriguing as a description. The food was prepared relatively quickly within 5-10 minutes.

Now what definitely stood out was the curried lamb wrap. It was juicy, tender and everything about the wrap worked. The curry wasn’t watery or runny and had a good balance between flavour and a slight kick in spiciness. Personally, I wish there was a little more meat in the wrap. My friend on the other hand had no complaints so maybe I’m just a meatier eater in general. A soup with truffle oil has got to be good right? Well, from both my experience and Theresas’, we weren’t big fans of it. It wasn’t a bad soup, don’t get me wrong but I guess what looks good on paper doesn’t always pan out. It was definitely flavourful, but I guess it wasn’t mine or her cup of tea in terms of taste.

Overall, I did like Ravi Soups. I wouldn’t mind dropping by for their curried lamb wrap if I’m in the area. And yes, I’m willing to try another variety of their soups again if given the chance. However, this isn’t the best I have had. I do like their wrap, so who knows maybe my second visit will prove to be more successive in regards to their soups. What would you recommend in terms of soups? What’s your favourite?

The Damage: $12.42 after tax

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