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R Squared Espresso Bar

The Urban Craze
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I think I’ve found my perfect coffee shop.  You know, that perfect cozy spot where you just want to settle down with the perfect cup of coffee and a fresh new book that you cannot wait to begin.  That’s the feeling I get when I am at R Squared.

R Squared Espresso Bar
668 Queen Street W
Toronto, ON
(647) 844-8558

Located in the Queen West neighbourhood, just West of Bathurst on Queen, R Squared is nestled in between boutique shops and trendy restaurants.  There are a few chairs propped by the entrance of the cafe for those who want to people-watch and enjoy the sunshine.

The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar - Counter

As you walk in, you’ll most likely see focused, ear-plugged folks on their laptops at the two large communal tables.  The fresh white walls and spotlights really brighten up the whole place.  There are also art pieces by local artists hung on the wall and they change fairly frequently or it could be that they get sold quickly.  On the other side, you will find a bulletin board with community events and news.  Just goes to show how involved this shop is with the people in the area.

The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar - Lounge

Let me take you to the counter of goodies.  I absolutely adore their orange mocha and matcha latte.  I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of coffee or tea—but purely based on my own taste buds, I think they are quite excellent.  The drinks are also, obviously, topped with various latte art!  You will also find a wide assortment of delicious baked goods (i.e. tarts, cookies, crumbles, mmmmm!) and sandwiches (i.e. my favourite is the ham and cheese croissant toasted on a Panini press).  R Squared makes sure you are will fed and hydrated with caffeine to get on with your morning or last through a working session at the shop.  And even after you are done your drink—they’ve got you covered with free jugs of water for you to fill a glass up, at your leisure.  The baristas really know what people want in this space.  I think they will or already have rolled out their summer menu which will include affogatos, iced teas, and fruit smoothies!

The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar 2 The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar 3

The remainder of the coffee shop is lined with comfortable chairs and wooden tables—great for catching up with a friend or just working on your laptop.   There is bookshelf that The best thing is the music they put on—ranges from the “coffee shop indie” type of playlist you’d find on Songza to playing full albums to just really soothing and fun music.  The crowds also come in and out of the shop—sometimes I would just watch all the people that coming and going, some stay to chat, others just grabbing their regular coffee on the go.   If you can’t tell already, I spend a whole lot of time there enough to witness the different rush hours.

The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar - Bananas The Urban Craze - R Squared Espresso Bar - Latte

The key elements to a great coffee joint, in my opinion, boil down to three things: great atmosphere and decor, delicious coffee/tea, and awesome playlists.  R Squared earned a checkmark on all three fronts in my books.  So there you have it—now what is your favourite coffee shop in the city?  My goal is to hit up as many different coffee shops in the city as possible this summer and maybe do a little series on them!  Time to start a hit list…

The Damage: Specialty drinks range from $3-6; espresso and drips from $2-3; fruit smoothies from $4

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-8pm; Sat-Sun 8am-7pm

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