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Come and Get it

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Come and Get It has been generating some buzz now for it’s great sandwiches and poutine in the downtown core. Did I say poutine? That’s right poutine, Canada’s beloved unhealthy dose of Greatness. A few of my friends got together and decided to come and get it (eh eh? =P) on a random Friday. They’re a short streetcar ride west on Queen Street from Osgoode Station and a few steps from Chinatown.

170 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
(647) 344-3416

We got there around 7 and surprisingly it was relatively quiet. As we walked into the place, it definitely had that retro and vintage feel. An N64 where you can play mario kart (I think) and a menu that was listed on a large chalkboard. Your choices vary from their sandwiches, poutine or salads. Out of a group of 4 guys, 3 of us got salads.. Insane right? Lol. But to our salad lovers out there, Come and Get It also has really good salads so no worries, you’re covered. If you’re down to try their sandwiches and poutine, you can combo it up and get both. This is a little expensive and will set you back around $15 after tax with a drink.

My friends got a few of their salads and they really enjoyed it. And after seeing it myself, I would not mind returning to give myself a break from all the fatty foods I eat. One of my friends got the Granny Smith’s Chicken Caesar Salad. The salad had a nice balance of dressing and a nice crispy chicken skin on top. Sounds pretty gross, but it was highly enjoyed by the group (2 of the same salads were ordered).

Note to our big eaters, tho a little expensive for a sandwich and poutine combo, it will fill you up for sure. I got the Pulled Beef Short Rib Sandwich and the Hawaiian Pork Belly Poutine (recommended by Mary @citrusblack, thanks). The pulled beef sandwich came on a bun that was a little too hard for my preference. The beef was tender, delicious and fun of flavour. It could have used a little extra sauce, but it definitely wasn’t a dealbreaker. It also came with a simple sweet and sour coleslaw that was refreshing and complimented the sandwich well. Now for the poutine, it was filled with a blend of cheeses (mozzarella and cheddar), pork belly, beef gravy and had crackling on top. Unlike other places where either your poutine was drenched in gravy or sorely missing it, it had the perfect balance. The fries were still crunchy as you continue to eat them, which was a nice surprise. Maybe the fries were deep fried twice?

Overall, I liked Come and Get It. The food was good and hit the spot. Can one feel it’s a little expensive for a sandwich and poutine combo, sure. But let’s put things into perspective, you will easily blow $10+ on a sandwich/burger and poutine combo at many other places in Toronto. And to be honest, I doubt you will get the same quality food. When you’re coming to Come and Get It, you know what you’re coming for.. Fatty foods that’s done right. So enjoy it, it’s definitely tasty.

The Damage: $16.95 after tax

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