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Buster’s Sea Cove

The Urban Craze
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After a Canada long weekend filled with BBQ and beer, I decided to give myself a couple of days off from work to recuperate and as well get some awesome eats in some places I wished I frequented more often.  One of these places is the iconic St. Lawrence Market.

Buster’s Sea Cove
93 Front Street East
Toronto, ON M5E1C3
(416) 369-9048

For those of you who haven’t been its a wonderful market in downtown toronto filled with small mom and pop grocery stores, butcher shops, bakeries, small food court type restaurants, tea leaves/coffee bean stores and stores filled with interesting little knick knacks.

My girlfriend as well also took the day off with me and after a nice walk and perusing through many of the smaller stores within St. Lawrence market we got pretty hungry and decided to try out one of the more known little restaurants here, Buster’s sea cove.

st lawrence 1 st lawrence 2

Buster’s sea cove is filled with a wide variety of dishes, ranging anywhere from Chicken Shrimp Gumbo to classic Fish and chips.  The menu would satisfy almost any seafood lover out there.

We quickly settled on a Mahi Mahi sandwich.  After a quick wait and scoping out some seats in the patio area of the market, our food was ready and we quickly picked up our stunning lunch.

The Urban Craze - Buster's Sea Cove - mahi mahi

I took my first bite from the sandwich, and the instant it hit my mouth I knew my taste buds were going to fall in love.  The toasted bread was absolutely fantastic, it was crunchy and had great taste.  The Mahi as well was grilled to perfection, still moist in the inside and the mixed spices that accompanied it did not over power the fish either.  The sandwich was absolutely delish, and the wonderful weather outside made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

As well there was a nice serving of fries and coleslaw to go along with the sandwich.  While nothing gravity defying, the fries were good and the coleslaw as well was nice and light.

If you have a free day or chance to stop by St. Lawrence Market, check out Buster’s Sea Cove.

The Damage: $17

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