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Restoran Malaysia

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During one of my more mundane and boring mornings at work(who doesn’t have these?) I got talking to one of my cousins and for some reason in the middle of the conversation I had this odd craving for curry. I think I must have been Southeast Asian in my past lifetime as I have these cravings quite often. I had mention this to my cousin; and her being quite knowledgeable in Southeast Asian restaurants she mentioned I should try out this well established place up in Markham called Restoran Malaysia that some pretty good curry as well as other dishes.

815 Major Mackenzie Dr E
Richmond Hill ON L4C 9X2
(905) 508-1432

I decided to look up this place on Google, found the directions and ended up taking my girlfriend with me for another restaurant experiment. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the decor didn’t stand out but had quite a modern feel to it. Not too much in the way of making it stand out as a Malaysian restaurant. However, they did have a few statues and vases here and there but nothing that can be considered eye grabbing besides some nice murals on the wall.

We had went during a weekend during prime dinner time and it was quite packed. Around 10-20 people were ahead of us in line and we had to be the good little boy and girl and wait in line. But the hungry beast in me wanted to have a moment and go to every table and take a bite out of everyone’s food as everything looked absolutely delicious waiting in line.

roti_chicken_curry_and_pad_thai2After about a 15 minute wait we were seated and offered quite an extensive menu, which if you’re familiar with any Asian restaurant, it’s pretty common. However the hungry beast was already taking a hold of both of us and we decided to look through the menu and picked out 3 items relatively quick. We chose the Roti with Curry Chicken, Pad Thai, and Gado Gado. To satisfy our hunger pangs we passed the time with Candy Crush…yes yes I can already see the eye rolls from the majority of male readers, I’m sorry but I cant let my girlfriend be farther ahead of me in this game, my masculinity does not allow it!

After a quick wait the food had come and I was treated to quite a spectacle of food.

The curry was the first thing we tried and it satisfied all the curry cravings I had been having all week. The curry was extremely delicious and for those who can’t stand heat, it’s not as spicy as other curry’s out there and had a hint of sweetness to it. The chicken itself with the curry was nothing special however it was juicy. The roti that came with it as well was quite chewy and equally delicious in its own right. My one complaint for this dish however was the curry was slightly more watery than i would have liked my curry.

gado_gado2With the taste of food in our mouths we quickly divided up some of the pad thai. Now let me tell you the picture taken doesn’t do it justice but the portions for this pad thai was massive and with the dishes we got there was no way we were going to finish all of it but we tried our best. The pad thai was pretty delicious, slightly sweeter than any other pad thai’s I’ve had before. Besides the massive portion, nothing stood out from the pad thai which isn’t always a bad thing.

Now from the beginning you might have wondered now what in the world is Gado Gado, and I didn’t know what to expect either but it looked interested and we gave it a try. It is a combination of bean sprouts, cucumber and jicama as the base with boiled egg, fried tofu, peanut dressing and shrimp chimps layered on top. This dish was actually quite delicious, the peanut dressing that they had was amazing and I never had the flavour combination of a cold cucumber/jicama salad with peanut dressing before. The peanut dressing did get very overpowering near the end of the dish, and this dish should definitely be shared. Even though the portion isn’t large, the sheer sweetness of peanut sauce becomes too much. The fried tofu and shrimp chips added a nice savory flavour and extra crunch to the salad.

Overall we both enjoyed our meal restaurant Malaysia, if you’re ever looking to satisfy your Malaysian fusion cravings and you’re near Richmond Hill don’t forget to try this place out.

The Damage: $30 after tax

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