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Fallsviews Noodle Bar at Sushi & Oyster Bar

Chinese 28 Jan 2012
The Urban Craze
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]Vivaa Lasss.. I mean Viva…. Niagara Falls?!?! Niagara Falls is popular spot for many occasions. May it be to check out the Falls, gamble, go one to one of many haunted houses, throw a bday party or simply to step away for a weekend, it’s not a horrible choice. And with a number of restaurants around, you may wonder… where can I get something nice and simple.

Fallsviews Noodle Bar at Sushi & Oyster Bar
6380 Fallsview Boulevard
Niagara Falls, ON
L2G 7X51
(888) 325-5788

FallsviewNoodle Bar

Well, there’s a Noodle Bar inside the Sushi & Oyster Bar at the Fallsview Casino. The decor is quite modern and designed well. It overlooks the falls so you have a great view while eating. If this place were to be in downtown Toronto along Bay Street somewhere, I would expect this place to be a popular spot. Now first off, please don’t misintepret this as I’m recommending gambling or anything of that sort at Fallsview. But, if you’re like me and manage to get “yeet hey” once in a while (horrible translation, hmm canker sores??), or maybe you crave something lighter, then noodles for a meal may be a good choice.

he Noodle Bar at Fallsview is found inside the Casino, so if you’re under 21 then entrance won’t be possible. It’s open very late, so if you happen to feel like noodles in the wee hours in the morning, then you’re in luck.On a trip back from the states, we made a stop at the Noodle Bar. We quickly ordered and ordered the Ox-tail Stewed w/ Lemon Grass Wonton Noodle Soup, a straight Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup, a Singapore Noodle and some Bok Choy vegs as a side. The pricing here is a little more than the typical place back in Toronto, but easily one of the cheaper places when compared to the other choices in the area. As a heads up, the service here is… like most Chinese restaurants. Attentive enough so you won’t be mad, but not good enough for you to sing praises about it.

The food took a little while for it to come and they pretty much bring whatever gets cooked first. It was around 20 mins before we first got our vegs and another 5 before we got our noodle soups. The Singapore noodles would take another 10 mins to come after everything else has arrived. Now the noodles weren’t anything special, they tasted pretty average and to the group here, the soup tasted a little “ching”. Another horrible translation coming – simple and clean? The bok choy was surprisingly fresh and the worst dish was the Singapore noodles. They tasted bland and rather than having the dish infused with spiciness from the curry, they were simply bits and pieces of chilli added in.

Overall, I would say the Noodle Bar is… alright. I mean for the price it’s one of the better choices around Fallsview. The prices at Niagara Falls are jacked up and if you’re “yeet hey” your choices become limited. The portions aren’t bad, so a noodle soup for most people should be enough. For me, it’s good enough to make a return visit when I need something a little simple and clean. =Pes in Toronto, I’m serious.

The Damage: $44.23 after tax

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