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Yours Truly

Canadian 13 Jul 2012
The Urban Craze
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Yours Truly is a great little restaurant along the Ossington strip that’s been on mine and Joanne of Foodie’s Roll radar for a while. So when the opportunity to try dinner together came up, we were both excited. We’ve been hearing nothing but great things. And how can one say no to catching up with a friend and trying out Chef Jeff Claudio’s creations.
229 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON M6J 2Z9
(416) 533-2243

Chef Jeff Claudio has a resume that will excite almost anyone a little familiar with the food scene. Having worked at gems such as Thomas Keller’s Per Se and Noma (named, the best restaurant in the world), there is reason to be excited about Yours Truly. But more than his resume, I have always liked Jeff Claudio’s style of keeping food simple and persistency in allowing creativity in the kitchen. One of the reasons why he took up Yours Truly, to ensure that remains true in his kitchen.

Joanne and I kicked off with some drinks and appetizers to start off the night. For drinks we tried the Cibelle, John Candy and the Beertail which was my favourite. For apps we got the Salt Cod, Thuet Bread and Chirashi Zushi. The Salt Cod was mixed with rice, nori and inari kewpie which was interesting, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. We heard that the Thuet Bread is must have, and at $5 why not right? The whipped duck fat was actually not heavy at all, but a creamier and taster version of butter. This was nice but we both wished the bread was served warm. The Chirashi Zushi was delicious and kinda unexpected. Keeping it very simple, we tasted the hints of ginger and the freshness of the fish. I would probably say this was the best app.

TUC - Yours Truly - Beertail in back TUC - Yours Truly - Asparagus
TUC - Yours Truly - Carrot TUC - Yours Truly - Chirashi Zuchi

Not being hungry that night, we decided to share the meat prix fixe ($45). Their prix fixe offers 4 dishes for you to taste and enjoy. This menu changes daily so you’re in for a surprise each visit. This is something that makes Jeff and his team different. They go after freshness, local foods and creations on the fly. For the vegetarians out there, no worries they also have a vegetarians prix fixe as an option. This night we were treated to 1) Hamachi 2) Trout 3) Duck and 4) Milk & Honey.

TUC - Yours Truly - Thuet Bread TUC - Yours Truly - Thuet Bread 2
TUC - Yours Truly - Salt Cod TUC - Yours Truly - Salt Cod Inside

The Hamachi was our favourite of the mains. What a way to start right? Lol, but it was simple and tasted great. Having the Chirashi earlier, we weren’t sure if you can possibly top that… but they did. The Hamachi came with spruce, rhubarb, goat sour cream and horseradish. The sweetness of the jelly rhubarb was cut with the goat sour cream and horseradish. This was really nice and we both really enjoyed it.

The Trout would be our second favourite as it was cooked perfectly. We both enjoyed the crunchy lentils and the refreshing punch of the cucumbers with each bite. The duck was a little let down for me as it was a solid dish, but when compared to the previous two it didn’t really stand out. The Milk & Honey dessert which had mousse, oats, currant and coltsfoot was sweet and savoury. I don’t usually like dessert, but I liked this. It was the perfect way to end the dinner.

TUC - Yours Truly - Hamachi TUC - Yours Truly - Trout
TUC - Yours Truly - Duck TUC - Yours Truly - Milk & Honey

Overall, I enjoyed Yours Truly. The food continues Jeff’s style of complimenting the natural flavours of the food but also keeping it simple. He’s an absolute pleasure to meet and is super nice. Even on a busy night, he took the time to come on out from the kitchen and chatted with us for a little. He asked how the food was and which ones were our favourite… if there was one. Yes, not all the dishes were winners, but enough of them were for us to come back. His humble approach not just to his food but to life is something I really connected with. Even amongst gearing up for the second seating of dinner service, he stopped by with smiles and posed for photos with us. Great food and a great chef, there’s a reason why Yours Truly is a hit.

Myself and Joanne with Jeff Claudio

The Damage: $116.39 after taxes

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