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Poutini’s House of Poutine

Canadian 02 Jan 2013
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I’m sure all of us have had friends and family who visited Toronto and asked about that…that…fries with cheese thing? You know, the one drenched in fat? Yes, we know. It’s called poutine. Hailing from the Great White North means that we Canadians have the privilege to eat fries drenched in gravy and cheese – an idea that is so delicious and fattening yet so simple that begs the question: why didn’t the Americans think of it first? Well, good job fellow Canadians! Our city has always been the second-home to poutine, next to Montreal. We have our fair share of great poutineries spotted around the city. And lo and behold, one fateful night, I just happened to see the much talked-about poutine restaurant on Queen West – Poutini’s House of Poutine – so decided to drop in to try it out.
1112 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1H9
(647) 342-3732


The exterior of Poutini’s was very Queen West. The store-front was an open window with the name of the restaurant plastered in big, block white letters in capitals. Clean and chic which suited the neighbourhood. I visited on a late and rainy Sunday night so there were not many customers but I could picture the place bustling during a Saturday afternoon. The room was spacious and brightly lit and on a rainy night, it felt comfortable. The menu selection isn’t huge, but it’s enough. Some other poutine places in Toronto have added more and more toppings onto their poutines, which obviously gives more choice but simultaneously makes me frustrated with what to choose. Poutini’s is short and sweet: traditional, some bacon, pulled-pork, everything. It was simple. KISS – keep it simple stupid! Especially when it’s late and I’m tipsy after the bar.

I went with the pulled-pork this time around and was delightfully surprised by how fresh the fries were. Often, poutine tastes the same to me because after all, it’s just fries, gravy and cheese. However, Poutini’s does a fantastic job of keeping the fries, cheese and gravy fresh. The fries are hand-cut in-house daily; the cheese curds are delivered every other day from a farm; and the gravy is made from bones and vegetables. For $10, this was a jam-packed, value-for-my-dollar meal! My poutine box was also overflowing with pulled-pork. The pork was a bit overcooked I’d say…a little towards the dry side. But it was not a big deal. Just add more sauce.

Note: I forgot to take a photo of the poutine : -) but it looks like any other poutine box I swear!

After a late night out on the town, this is possibly one of the best meals you can ask for. Would I eat it everyday? No, unless the double-chin comes back into style. But this would be a great place to check out to cure the morning-after hangover after chugging pints of beer with your buddies. Poutini’s has rivalled as the “best” poutine in Toronto by critics. I can’t say that I agree with this statement fully, and I’m not sure if I would trek all the way to Queen West to eat it again. Other places are just closer to the Downtown Toronto core. However, their poutine is pretty good so I’d go again if I was in the area.

The Damage: $10 after tax for a large. Pretty cheap if you ask me

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