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Earth Rosedale

Canadian 20 Feb 2012
The Urban Craze
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Headed out for a nice weekday dinner with a good friend of mine over at Earth Rosedale. It’s in a convenient location where it’s a short walk over from the Rosedale TTC station. Earth prides itself in supporting locally grown and sustainable foods on their menu. Earth has a few locations within toronto and upon entry at this particular location, the places looks and feels great. It definitely has that contemporary look and feel and the use of warm lighting helps to set the tone for the restaurant. Complimentary coat check is available at the door, which is a nice addition especially during the winter months

Earth Rosedale
1055 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4W 3V7
(416) 551-9890

My friend and I got seated and took a look at their menu. We couldn’t help but ask what was their most popular or recommended dishes here at Earth. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful. We basically ran with his recommendations. For appetizers, my friend ordered the PEI mussells in local weiss sauce. Which was a nice little surprise as you can taste the slight difference in flavour compared to the typical receipe. She really enjoyed it. I got the butternut squash soup with maple and a hot pepper oil reduction. It was another great surprise. It was creamy, rich and exactly what I needed. Personally, I would recommend roasting the pumkpin seeds, but besides that no complaints, it was a great soup.

For our mains, she got the Everspring Roasted duck confit with some mustard greens and plum ginger ravioli. The duck was perfect. It was moist, tender and was roasted well to give it that slight crispy crunch. Her first bite said it all and heavily recommended me to try some. It was a great dish where everything worked. No changes, no complaints, great dish. I got the Wellington Country Rib Eye burger as that was the only item that stayed on their menu for over 2 years. The burger is made from premium rib eye beef that’s grounded on site daily. With a strong recommendation and description like that, how can I not order it right? The burger was topped with an interesting cornish salsa and accompanied with thick fries. I started by grabbing a few fries and it was quite disappointing. The fries were lukewarm and was actually a little soggy. The burger didn’t do much better as it lacked a taste to the patty. You can easily tell that premium beef was used, but either it wasn’t seasoned well or all you can taste was meat without a purpose. So that was definitely disappointing.

The winner of the two dishes would easily be the duck confit. And for apps, you can’t go wrong with either choice. So if you feel like some seafood but not be overwhelmed with just seafood, the mussels are a good choice. And as mentioned with the soup, minimal improvements with just roasting the pumpkin seeds, but besides that it’s a great soup and healthy.

Overall, I liked Earth. I was there with a great friend and she enjoyed it. The food is a little more pricey, but they try to use everything that’s sustainable and that’s locally found/produced. The decor is nice and perfect for dates. He/she will be impressed and though, I can’t speak for all dishes… the ones we did try gave us enough reason to return. From the hostess to the waiter, customer service was excellent. For your next special engagement, consider Earth as it may be a good option.

The Damage: $61.02 after tax

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