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South St. Burger Co

Burgers 09 Dec 2011
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Ventured up to Markham and checked out the South St. Burger Co. joint along Woodbine. It’s a relatively new location in a plaza that’s still waiting to fill in. The decor was nice and simple. Being a new restaurant helps as everything appeared well kept and clean. Heading in, I wanted to have a relatively quick dinner before doing my long list of errands for the night.

South St. Burger Co
7355 Woodbine Avenue
Markham, ON
(905) 415-1505

I ordered a hamburger combo with an added swiss cheese and onion rings instead of fries. For the fry lovers, South St. serves New York Fries, so that should please a few people. And for first timers, South St. serves a wide variety of toppings so feel free to go nuts. This is definitely a strength of South St.’s. I went with lettuce, onions, tomato, pickles, ketchup, guacamole and garlic mayo on a white Kaiser bun.

The wait wasn’t too bad at about 10 minutes. But considering its “fast food”, this could easily be considered a long wait. But to me, everything is made fresh when you order so the wait was worth it for me. Grabbed my food and proceed to try it out. Biting into the burger was very nice. I liked the taste of the patty and the toppings well worked together. However to my surprise, there doesn’t seem to be enough sauce with my burger. But I think the problem really lied with the Kaiser bun being somewhat floury. With each bite, it took away the moisture from the burger as whole. If it wasn’t for the Kaiser bun, this would have been a nice little burger. The onion rings were nice and fresh. Battered well and there’s a number of seasoning that’s available. I was somewhat rushing but I did put on the California seasoning with my rings and it tasted great together.

Overall, I liked South St. Burger Co. Being owned by New York Fries, you can expect better sides than your typical burger joint. If you’re a NYF lover, then you would take comfort in their sides and the seasonings that’s offered. I wish the Kaiser bun wasn’t as floury. I mean it was fresh but the amount of flour really took away from the fresh ingredients, the fresh toppings and the fresh burger. So even with the floury Kaiser bun, I liked it enough that I would come back. Let me know your experience at South St.

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