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McRib – McDonald’s

Burgers 12 Jan 2012
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The McRib is back! Now I have never had one before so the excitement in my first sentence is one of neither validity nor merit. If you watch The Simpson, you would know that a whole episode was made on a very similar variation of the McRib. So when The Simpsons dedicates a whole episode on the well being of the sandwich and cult-like following, you can’t help but try the burger/sandwich out.

McRib – McDonald’s
595 Bay St
Toronto, ON M7A 2C7
(416) 591-0662

So I decided to try out the McRib at the McDonalds located at Atrium on Bay foodcourt. It was lunch time so of course it was packed but this is a good thing. High volume means high turn over. The food is fresh and made to order as there are simply selling wayy too many big macs, fries and hopefully McRibs. So I ordered the combo and decided against supersizing cause let’s be honest… Why get more fries when you can have ttwwwooooo McRibs. =D. Just kidding.

Got my food after a waiting for a couple of minutes and sat with my coworker for lunch. The McRib despite its mass media hype, wasn’t very good or special. The combo wasn’t cheap and the sandwich felt plain. It was topped with orions and pickles and the rib or “riblett” itself kinda tasted like leftover pork roast. The “riblett” was also kinda small so there wasn’t a lot of it to go around. I do have to say at least it wasn’t hard and that it was kinda soft. I guess I can say it was kinda tender, but please do only take that for face value.Overall, I have to say I’m quiet disappointed with the McRib sandwich. With the hype machine going, maybe I expected a little too much or maybe the sandwich really wasn’t that good to begin with. I believe it’s the latter. This McD’s location is busy so I can’t blame it on the low turnover. I personally would say skip this sandwich. It wasn’t worth it for me, how about you? Have to tried the McRib sandwich?

The Damage: $7.33 after tax

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