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Hrvati Bar

Burgers 11 Feb 2012
The Urban Craze
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Hrvati Bar, a nice spot that’s tucked away from the main streets of bloor and provides a different taste from all the Korean joints in the area. This was the 4th and last spot of our burger crawl. Hrvati Bar has been picking up steam of late with their great food, decor and of course, burgers. We arrive here for dinner and the place is packed. Knowing about their awesomely large communal table at the front, we would have lovedd to all sit down and enjoy our last meal of the night there. The staff there was extremely nice and offered to sit our large party out back by the bar. One thing to note, the wall by the bar is a chalkboard type wall which they use to write down specials and even their large drink menu. A few of us and especially me got a own by their wall and brought home part of their menu.

Hrvati Bar
690 Euclid Avenue
Toronto, ON M6G 2V3
(647) 350-4227

The group stayed strong and I would have to say all but 1 or maybe 2 decided to try something else besides burger. So we all ordered and the barkeep recommended this beer called, Ozujsko to try. Without hesitation, my buddy Justin and I jumped right in and tried it. I like light crisp beers, so this was perfect. Loved everything about it. A name I can’t pronounce and not readily available, welcome to my top 5 beer list. Justin and I wish we had more room as the beer was that good. The day’s worth of burgers are now adding up, but no regrets.. It had to be done. Lol

The burgers came all together which was great for no waiting amongst the group. And first bite, my buddies Andrew and Justin who were sitting right beside me just stopped and we looked at each other. Another bite to confirm our first, and no difference, we’re having a really good burger. What made this different was first and foremost the patty. Sure we’ve had a ton of freshly made patties, but there was a distinctive taste to this one. The burger is served on a citabon bun, which either you love it or hate. For me, I would like to see how it would work with a traditional seasame bun. But don’t get me wrong, Hrvati has a good thing here. You can easily tell, not just the buns but the burger as a huge were freshly made.

Now we don’t talk about the sides that much, but the sides here was heavily liked by a few friends of mine. The fries were of the McDonald’s vareity which were thin and crisp. At Hrvati they also give you a small dip that complements the fries and it was perfect. As well, they create a very simplisitic but tasty coleslaw that was quite refreshing.

Overall, there was much to like about Hrvati Bar. We were able to meet the owner & chef Rodney Bowers and even had a drink with him. He cracked open a beer and talked food and what made his food different. The staff there are great, the chef awesome and the food, definitely on par with some of the best restaurants in Toronto. So whether you’re heading over to Hrvati Bar for a drink and a simple side, or you decide to dive in with their mightly good burger, it’s a good decision when Hrvati Bar comes up as a choice. And an even better night when you decide to drop in.

The Damage: $25ish after tax

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