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Holy Chuck Burgers

Burgers 19 Jan 2015
The Urban Craze
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Holy Chuck is a burger joint that gives the masses midtown a choice when they wanna “chuck” down a good burger. Holy Chuck has been in the burger game for almost 5 years now and boy have they ever created a following. They pride themselves on providing some of the freshest patties in the game. None of their meats have ever seen the insides of a freezer. It’s just fresh meat that’s been ground in house daily, packed with some salt and cooked fresh. So if you’re midtown and feeling some burgers, Holy Chuck can be a great choice.

1450 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4T 1Y7
(416) 962-4825

Highlights & Letdowns


– great for burgers cause they grind all their meats in-house, fresh, everyday never frozen
– no fillers, just fresh meat and salt
– 100% locally made ice cream and whole milk –> reason why milkshakes are good. =)


– besides their milkshakes, the rest of their sides were pretty average

The Damage: $22 after tax


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