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Great Burger Kitchen

Burgers 09 Feb 2012
The Urban Craze
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Great Burger Kitchen was our 3rd ABC stop. Now GBK as it’s better known has a few locations so it’s a small franchise within the Toronto area. It prides itself on offering a large topping selection, daily grinded patties and fresh sides (onion rings, fries, etc). At this particular location, GBK had a very simple entrance that was reflective of their approach, natural and strongly encourages the use of locally grown ingredients.

Great Burger Kitchen
9 1/2 Church St
Toronto, ON M5E 1M2
(416) 504-8494

Funny thing was as we entered and looked at what to order, there they were deep frying their onions rings. My guess is they refry their onions rings as per order. So we had to try them to put this to the test. I shared my burger with my friend Andrew and entrusted him with our burger. Telling him that whatever he ordered and no matter how he dressed it, I would like it. Don’t let me down buddy =P.

The decor is welcoming and looks like a neat model type of kitchen. At this location they had booths and polished wooden tables. Everything was clean and tidy which was a little different from Dangerous Dan’s. We placed our orders and it took around 10-15 mins depending what you ordered. Our burger came with a plethora of toppings and looked great.

The wait between everyone’s burger wasn’t bad so no one was really waiting too long except for my friend’s justin and michelle. The onion rings that accompanied our burger was fresh and looked simply delicious. First bite of the onion rings were good, not the best we had but it was definitely one of the better onion rings we’ve had. They are of the variety of big onion and big batter. Personally I know I’ve grown accustom to the harvey type of onion rings. The burger was also above average where you can taste the freshiness of the ingredients and the patty. My friend’s topping were a little different than my usual choices, but not bad at all. Two key toppings we forgot about trying was GBK’s own special sauce and the guacamole, which Justin and Michelle had. And after trying theirs, man was the guacamole fresh.

Overall, GBK definitely isn’t a bad choice for burgers. With the number of toppings, it helps to cater to a wide variety of taste and preferences. From our group there, we can vouch for the freshiness of the toppings which is always a good sign. Price can be a little pricer than average. Is it worth the price? What are your thought?

The Damage: $16ish after tax

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