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Epic Burger & Waffles

Burgers 11 Jan 2012
The Urban Craze
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Ladies and Gentlemen, when I heard that there was gonna be a krispy kreme burger aka “the donut burger” at the Ex (CNE)…. I was mixed, I’m not gonna lie. Love finding a great burger, but this brings it to another level. Will it be as Epic as we have all known and loved from the infamous youtubers? Or is it just a heart attack that will require a couple of days of running and working out.

Epic Burger and Waffles
At the Ex (CNE) – Food Building/Pavilion
210 Princes’ Boulevard
Toronto, ON
M6K 3C3

My calorie guesstimator clocked in at between 1400-1500 with the bacon for just one burger. I guess I’m really just taking this one for you guys, taking one for the team. =) Epic burger is found in the food building/pavilion on the Ex fairgrounds. It’s bright and colourful so it’s kinda hard to miss. The cost of the burger is just a little over $9. $10 if you add bacon. So I ordered one with bacon of course and waited in line. Funny thing was as I was about to dress it with the toppings I wanted, the fella that was helping me heavily recommended to not dress it with condiments. He says it’s better without it. Interesting… so I just got my burger with tomato and lettuce on top. Cheese is already included in the price.

Got my burger and already the wrapper is a little sticky and oily. Heart attack warning #2. I take my first bite and surprisingly it wasn’t as horribly disguising as I thought. But at the same time, with all the hype surrounding the burger it was a little bit of a letdown. The burger patty was alright, I would say slightly above average. And the krispy kreme donuts as the hamburger bun… didn’t really make it that much more unique or different. It actually flattened down overtime from the heat and weight of the patty. It just tasted like a really sweet moist bun. I think I could have gone either way with or without condiments, but my hands were definitely sticky and oily from the burger already. So maybe that was a good recommendation.

Overall, I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of this burger. Of course we all got it for the novelty of it, or maybe you really like sweet burgers. And debuting at the Ex, you just kinda had to go for it. For me personally, it wasn’t that good. There’s another burger called “the behemoth” which was using grilled cheese in place of the traditional hamburger buns. I would consider trying that too, but it definitely wasn’t as popular. And slow turnover for grilled cheese is gross. If made fresh, maybe it’ll be better than the “donut” burger. If you do try it out, let me know. I’m definitely curious to see how it stacks up. Get it fresh if you can, cause that’s what I would do. =)

The Damage: $10.17 after tax

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