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Dangerous Dan’s Diner

Burgers 09 Feb 2012
The Urban Craze
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The second ABC stop was actually an suggestion heavily made the group. We were heading west along the streetcar and how can you not make a stop at Dangerous Dans? Famously known for their unbelievable big hamburgers and deemed as the 2nd potential of heart attack of the day. Now Dangerous Dan’s been in the game for a long time. The decor reflective of that but yet unique in it’s own way. I mean when was the last time you had the option of sitting in car seats at a restaurant? Whether that’s total hipster or low budget, I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide. =P. But they definitely have got some great lines posted along the top of their ceilings.

Dangerous Dan’s Diner
714 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M 1H2
(416) 463-7310

So we ordered 3 burgers and continue pacing ourselves for the day. The 3 burgers we ordered were the Greek, Bacon & Cheddar and Peameal & Cheddar. And with each burger costing only $5.99 you get a fair amount of food for a very competitive price in downtown Toronto. Your order is placed and paid for at the front. After ordering, the wait wasn’t bad at about 15 minutes till we got our food. We can see they make it fresh on site, so it always worth the wait.

This gave us to time take in the surrounding and by far my favourite line off the wall was, “Vegetarian is the native word for Bad Hunter.” And that’s what this shop conveys, massive burgers for peeps that ready for a challenge. Once we got our burgers, Justin continued slicing and dicing up burgers for the group, many thanks. Everyone wanted to try the Greek burger which resulted in bite size portions. From all 3 burgers, there was good consistency in their patties. And the taste wasn’t bad. In terms of flavour and toppings, the group really enjoyed the Greek option. A little different and if you don’t like onions and I mean large raw onions, then you better tell them to remove it as you’re ordering. Even for a burger lover like me, I found it to be a little overpowering. The other burgers were good and was what you expected from a typical grease diner. I personally wouldn’t mind getting the typical which is a Bacon & Cheddar… I’m classic like that. =P. However, amongst the group there was a clear the winner of the three, the Greek burger.

Overall, I have to say Dangerous Dan isn’t a horrible choice for burgers. We didn’t get any sides so I can not comment on that, but based on taste and bang for your buck, it definitely isn’t a bad choice. Coming around $7-8 after tax per burger, it’ll fill you. So if you’re starving and simply want a burger, Dangerous Dan’s can definitely be your choice if you’re in the area.

The Damage: $8ish after tax for each burger

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