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Burger Brats

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Just lately it seems to be the case. I mean…they are everywhere! Queen West, King East, Little Italy, Entertainment District. The list goes on and on. It’s really hard to choose, because each burger joint self-proclaims superiority. Yet again I tried another burger place because I simply love burgers. This isn’t a rant. It’s more of a sigh of relief because I have many options to choose from. Today I will be writing about Burger Brats.
254 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M5H 1Y3
(647) 352-4786

The tagline says it all “Welcome to the Home of the Hangover – Nobody Does It Better”. The target customer base is obviously the party-going, club-hopping crowd that needs an oily, fattening, greasy meal on a Friday night at 3am, the type of meal that would otherwise be foregone for a Sunday lunch when sober. I’m a bit confused though. Shouldn’t the tagline be “Welcome to the Home of the Cure of the Hangover”? Well, whatever. At the crossroads of John and Adelaide, BB is located at the navel of Toronto’s party central, with nightclubs and bars within a 5-10 minute walking distance away.

BB - Interior

My visit to BB was on a Thursday night and I was not drunk. It was very quiet and felt a little out of place. Aside from myself and my partner-in-crime, there were four people buying takeout and the workers in the kitchen. I noticed that the décor reminded me of Burrito Boyz that’s just an arm’s throw away. A staircase led the way into the store, filled with wall paintings and a whiteboard that displayed the menu. There were many options and we narrowed it down to The Angry Texan and Smoke Shack.

BB - Menu

Both burgers were huge to say the least. For the price, I was expecting something big. I was impressed with the quality of ingredients as Burger Brats did not chintz out on the bread, the meats, sauce and sides. Smoke Shack came first as your typical burger covered with cheddar cheese, peameal bacon and topped off with two onion rings. The onion rings were random but added the extra kick of flavour. This burger came off slightly overcooked though and it was good that there was cheddar cheese smothered in every corner. Otherwise, it would’ve been pretty dry. The Angry Texan fared much better =) I was expecting a burger but it came instead as a multi-layered sandwich with grilled-cheese bread, bacon and overload of vegetables! The biggest plus was the fresh greens that went into this sandwich – jalapenos, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes – all topped off with a fried egg. As burger/sandwich lovers, I hope you all have experienced adding an egg because it makes a world of difference. This sandwich delivered a punch of flavours ranging from the sweetness of tomatoes, freshness of the lettuce, and spiciness from the peppers. I highly recommend The Angry Texan.

BB - Food

As I enjoyed my sandwich, the cashier who serviced me came over and asked how I enjoyed my food. He had no idea that I was writing about Burger Brats so I appreciated the extra bit of personal touch he added to my experience. Overall I liked this place. It was a bit on the pricey end but from a business perspective, it makes sense to charge a bit more to the drunken people who come here after they go partying on Friday night. The price point for burgers, poutine and burritos in this area are all around the same $10 to $15 range so Burger Brats definitely falls within this band.  You get what you pay for – a quality greasy meal! If I was around this area on a late night feeling a bit hung-over, Burger Brats would surely be on my list of places to eat!

The Damage: $28 after tax

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