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La Société

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It was my girlfriend’s birthday on the weekend and I decided to take her out to to have a nice brunch.  Cause lets be honest here, how can you go wrong with brunch, it’s quite possibly the best unofficially recognized meal time of the day.  After perusing through the web and talking to a couple coworkers and friends, we finally decided and settled on grabbing brunch at La Societe.  The place has been around for a bit but it’s the first time that either of us tried it and I couldn’t wait to see what type of delicious treats we’ll be able to have.

La Société
131 Bloor Street West. Unit 211
M5S 1R1
(416) 551-9929

We made our way downtown and noticed upon our arrival the patio was quite full to our disappointment, we decided instead of waiting for a patio seat to open up we would just dine inside.  The decor inside was full of dark reds and blacks for colour.  The area also had quite the European flavour to it and overall quite functional.

The waitress quickly led us to our seats and we both proceeded to jump in the menu and see what wonderful options we would have to eat.  I think it must have been something in the air that day but neither of us were feeling too adventurous.  So, we settled on smoked salmon croissant , and French toast caramelized bananas, beef brisket and sunny side up egg with potatoes.

I know some of you out there must think I’m a pig or some type of beast in disguise, but I promise you I am not usually this hungry!


After a quick wait and some jokes at my girlfriends expense of her no longer being young anymore(bruises on my expense) the food was quickly delivered to us in all its glory.  And wow did everything look absolutely delicious, its often said that part of eating is just the sight of the food and its presentation, well let me tell you my eyes were certainly enjoying its feast.

I quickly dove into my brisket and wow was it succulent.  It was absolutely savoury and when combined with the oozy sunny side up egg made it even more incredible.  It felt like that moment where you’ve been vegetarian for awhile and all of a sudden ate meat for the first time and you get this tingling sensation and almost a meat high, that’s what it felt like(I apologize to all vegetarians out there!).  However with all highs must come lows and although I was slightly disappointed with the small size of the brisket, what was more disappointing was the soggy potatoes that came with it due to the brisket juices.  While some out there like soggy potatoes I wasn’t quite the fan and it put a damper on an otherwise tasty dish.


As usual I proceeded to take some of my girlfriends food as well because lets face it, who doesn’t do this to their significant other(I’m looking at all you girls out there always stealing your boyfriend’s food!).  While the smoked salmon croissant wasn’t anything special, the chive scrambled eggs were quite delicious.  The eggs were silky smooth and melted in your mouth, quite the treat.


To round off our brunch and temper the savoury, we also took a few bites into our French toast as well.  The French toast was cooked perfectly, fluffy in the middle and the caramelized bananas with berries made it an absolute delight to eat.  In fact it was so good with the bananas and berries that you didn’t even really need the syrup they provided.  Quite possibly my favourite dish of the 3.

All in all we had a great brunch, and while a little pricey, it was still good value.

The Damage: $55

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