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Hotel Gelato

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The ongoing search for the perfect brunch hotspot ensues and this time we made it to Eglinton West. Despite being off the TTC subway line and also far from the highways, Hotel Gelato is well worth the trek! The storefront was unassuming…simple…but beyond the front doors, revealed something totally unexpected. Clear plastic chairs, black plastic booths, fancy chic lights, and an ice cream display – the restaurant was adorned like something out of a chick flick. I must say the aesthetics were very intriguing and built up anticipation for the meal to come.
532 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, ON
M5N 1B4
(416) 932-2663

The clientele seemed to agree with me. Being sandwiched between Forest Hill North and South, Hotel Gelato appeared to be the popular “go-to” place for the neighbouring locals on late Sunday mornings. Moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas…aunts, cousins, newborn babies, toddlers, friends…the entire village seemed to be there. Who can blame them? Hotel Gelato boasts a fabulous menu, great pricing, chic décor, and best of all… healthy options. Fresh local ingredients are used to cook where possible and desserts are designed to be either gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, low-sugar, dairy-free or soy-based. How they do this is beyond me, but they did it, and now diabetics and those with gluten intolerance can enjoy a slice of dessert. No wonder both children and grandparents love Hotel Gelato =P

We ordered straight off the menu, a task that proved to be difficult considering that assortment of choices available. Everything sounded so delicious! It was decided that we would enjoy the Smoked Salmon Benedict and the Multi-grain Waffle topped with Caramelized Bananas this time around. After our smiley server took our order, the food arrived shortly. I was taken aback by how quickly the turnaround time was. Prompt and friendly service goes far in my books and Hotel Gelato gets two thumbs up for this.

The Eggs Benedict had smoked salmon and poached eggs sitting on top of potato cakes, sprinkled with peameal bacon and hollandaise. Without saying much, take a look at the photo of this thing. It’s beautiful =0 … just looking at this picture makes my mouth water again. The poached egg added the fluff to hash with the crunchiness of the potato cakes. This texture was complemented by the saltiness of the bacon and the buttery hint added by hollandaise. With a mixed greens salad on the side, this dish was paired perfectly! The Multi-Grain Waffle was another homerun for Hotel Gelato. The waffles were buttery, fluffy and delicately sweetened with the soft bananas and syrup.

To finish it all off, we ordered two scoops of gelato. How could we visit Hotel Gelato and not try their infamous namesake treat? The noonday sun was quite hot so we wanted something refreshing and sweet. The abundance of available flavours made this no easy task but we bit our tongues and decided on the Ontario Peach Sorbet and the Pear Sorbet. The gelato is made from fresh ingredients so each bite was rich, flavourful, and contained hints of the actual fruit! It is obvious why kids love coming here and why their parents love bringing them!

Upon finishing my meal at Hotel Gelato, I can honestly say I was thoroughly impressed. From the décor, to the service, to the quality of food, this hidden gem in Forest Hill lived up to its expectations. Tom Cruise apparently made an appearance here to eat and relax, soaking in the cuisine that Toronto has to offer. Needless to say, Tom chose a good spot and I will definitely be going back for another meal. Fun fact: the owners Dan and Chris respectively have a nutritional practitioner license and an ice-cream technology certificate. With credentials like that, who will ever say no to eating gelato again?

The Damage: $40 after tax

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