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Oliver and Bonacini Cafe Bar

American 13 Dec 2011
The Urban Craze
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Headed straight to Oliver and Bonacini Cafe Bar after a catching a show at the Sony Centre across the street. Oliver and Bonacini is a popular choice over the weekend and with a large show just ending, we were expecting a long wait time. To our surprise, it was only about 10 minutes before getting a seating for a party of 6. If possible, I would advise getting reservations as there were a ton of people waiting to get seated by the entrance. If that’s not possible, I would recommend heading over right after the show.

Oliver and Bonacini Cafe Bar
33 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1E4
(647) 260-2070

We were seated by the bar area and the decor was nice and simple with a modern contemporary look to it. We ordered asap as we were all starving. For appetizers, the group got the melting spring artichoke and goat cheese dip and the buttermilk battered onion rings. The two were pretty much inhaled by group. The winner of the two was definitely the artichoke and goat cheese dip. The onions rings were good but it didn’t stand out.For me, I ordered a pint of Creemore with their lamb burger topped with goat cheese, tomato, lettuce and red onion which all come standard with the burger. The orders came out in a timely fashion even with the large crowd they were handling that night. My friend ordered the mac and cheese with smoked bacon. I know I raised my eyebrows when she told me what she was ordering. But she did comment from past experiences that it’s good here and she felt like it for dinner. I guess let’s hope for the best. =P

I got my lamb burger with caesar salad and the salad was quite disappointing. There wasn’t enough dressing and my biggest complaint would be the amount of water on the bottom of the bowl. I felt like they washed it quickly and tossed it once or twice. One of the most disappointment Caesar salads ever. The burger which was recommended by another friend on the table, didn’t meet my expectations. I mean the burger was alright, but the amount of meat given was far too little. The meat patty was quite a bit smaller than the bun and the amount of cheese given appeared to be the same size or even thicker than the patty itself. The lamb burger was cooked alright and there were still moisture in the patty. Which when cooking a lamb or turkey burger, overcooking and drying the patty out is something most of us worry about. My friend’s mac and cheese was okay. She enjoyed it and it surprisingly filled her. She even had remains. But as expected with mac and cheese, try and eat it sooner than later as the overall experience drops dramatically once it gets a little colder. For dessert, my friend and I shared a chocolate masquise which was once again, alright but nothing special here.

Overall, I can’t say I really liked Oliver and Bonacini – Cafe and Bar. I mean it was alright pretty much across the board with the appetizer’s standing out the most. But then the question arises, would you really want to go to Oliver and Bonacini just for drinks and apps? I don’t think I would. I mean a friend also recommended the ribs, but I wasn’t in the mood nor do I feel this is the place for killer ribs. So for this price category I would probably pick another place. But if your biggest concern is the ‘posh’ effect, then Oliver and Bonacini might be the place for you, especially for drinks.

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