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Jacob’s Steakhouse

American 07 Dec 2011
The Urban Craze
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Over this weekend, I went to Jacobs Steakhouse for a dinner with a friend. We decided to make reservations ahead of time as Jacobs gets quite busy on Thursdays and Saturdays, so please consider planning ahead for these certain days. Jacobs is somewhat hidden so if it’s your first time going, be sure to keep your eyes open. Upon entrance you will be greeted and asked if they can take your coat (no worries, no coat charge). After they have checked your reservations and your coat, the host of the night will walk you to your table. We had a nice older gentleman named Philip who showed us to our table… we think he might be one of the owners or manager.

Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse
12 Brant Street
Toronto, ON M5V 2M1
(416) 366-0200

Meat Cut Display

On route to your table you will walk by an open display of cuts of meat that Jacobs carry some call it aka.. “the meat window”. No worries, it’s no butcher shop or Saw movie so you won’t lose your appetite by taking a look. The decor is modern and very sophisticated. It has a nice contemporary design and everything appears to be of high quality and workmanship. At this restaurant, customer service is highly focused and they will do their best to accommodate you to your own personal preferences. We decided to start our meal with the table side Caesar salad for two and this is highly recommended. They will make it fresh right in front of you. As well, they will go into detail about how they make it and why each ingredient is used. I found this very interesting as I even asked them a coupe of additional questions. For drinks, we decide to go for the awarding winning Huff’s Estate sparkling wine for the night; a very nice choice but yes, expensive (the theme for the night).

For an entree, I decided to get the 9oz Wagyu flatiron cooked medium rare with the duck fried fries. My friend got an 8oz Prime Black Angus striploin also medium rare with the lobster tail side. The Wagyu was nice and the flavour was extremely good. However, maybe I was expecting too much as I was expecting it to be the best steak I have ever had. Though it was definitely one of the better steaks, it wasn’t a clear winner as the best ever. The duck fried fries were interesting but I don’t believe I will be ordering them again if I were to go again. My friend liked her striploin as it was marinated well and though tougher than the Wagyu, had a really nice flavour to it. The lobster tail was simply disappointing. So don’t bother paying more for it.

The portions weren’t bad at all throughout the night from appetizers to the entrée. The dessert menu is weaker than most fine dining restaurants and with us being stuffed, it was an easy pass. We were given 2 little chocolate treats at end of our meal. When the bill came we got 2 muffins as well which appeared to be baked on the very same day. Overall, Jacobs was good. I mean Jacobs is ranked as one of the top steakhouses in Toronto. Service was great, the staff was knowledgeable and they worked really hard to make you feel comfortable and welcome. But the kicker for me was for this price, I just expected a little more. Maybe I simply just had high expectations of it and yes we had a great time, but the food wasn’t ‘that’ much better than other notable steakhouses around Toronto. To us, outside of the extremely good Casear sales, the sides were weak and were a big drop off from the steak. So unless you’re going purely just for the salad and steak, you might come out a little disappointed when the bill comes. Don’t get me wrong though, I like Jacobs. Just be prepared, a night at Jacobs is an expensive treat.

The Damage: $300 after tax

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