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The Drinks Show

The Urban Craze
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After a long and exhausting week for any hard working individual, there’s nothing greater to look forward to than a fun filled Friday evening.  On this amazing and extremely warm Friday June 8th, those of us at The Urban Craze and other lucky individuals had the opportunity to attend The Drinks Show.  Now this just wasn’t any run of the mill cocktail event, it was a young, sexy, and highly interactive cocktail event.
99 Sudbury Street
Toronto, ON


The team got to the event a little early around 8 pm, where the crowd was a little sparser. This was actually a blessing in disguise, as it gave those of us at TUC an opportunity to chat with bartenders and patrons alike. But the moment 10 pm rolled around, everyone threw their work lives out the window and the place was crammed. With some of the best dance and hip hop music provided by Z103.5, the crowd was electric. 

There were long lines for the majority of drink stands with everyone clamouring to try the next best mixed drink.  And even for those who are not heavy drinkers, there’s nothing better than watching and laughing with the individuals who are using all their mental abilities to win at Rock Paper Scissors.  Whether you were a hard working young professional or laid back trendy hipster by day, everyone was a fun loving friend by night.

The Drinks Show was separated into 3 main rooms.  The first room, upon entering, hosted a small area in which there was an audience all intently listening to a speaker giving advice on drink mixing. That night many of Toronto’s best Bartenders were on site to share their favourites and how they like to create their own little masterpieces. The next 2 room’s hosted a variety of different stands all showing off a different type of liquor, and a bartender at the front mixing up sample drinks for thirsty patrons like myself.  On top of that, both rooms had a main bar where everyone went to get full drinks.  Each room also came with a few unique stands as well; there was a small stage setup for a Rock Paper Scissors competition, a Whiskey Taste Challenge, and a stand for air brushed tattoos.  Outside on a small walkway, there were two grafitti artists working on a canvas, with both pieces of artwork being auctioned off for charity later that night.

Those of us at TUC had a blast, and what a way to start a weekend. Here are what some of us at TUC had to say about this wonderful event.

Brian’s Favourite Drink – “I really enjoyed the Forty Creek Whisky Drink with the mint leaf.”

“I loved the variety of drinks at the show and wished we could have tasted them all.”

Shirley’s Favourite Drink – Manhattan made with Bulleit Bourbon

“Bartender talked about the type of whiskey and sold it to us.  The Manhattan itself was refreshing primarily because of lining the rim of the cup with citrus oil from a piece of orange peel.  The drink wasn’t too strong and for a casual Manhattan drinker, I enjoyed it.”

Denice’s Favourite Drink – A fruity but spicy cocktail, the Spiced Punch, made with Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum.

Scott’s Favourite Drink – Forty Creek Whisky Drink and Mojo Bramble made with Mojo Shot

“The atmosphere and energy coming from the patrons and bartenders alike was electric, everyone is there to just have a great time”

The Urban Craze - Mott's Clamato Caesar The Urban Craze - Forty Creek Whisky
The Urban Craze - Mojo Shot The Urban Craze - Z103.5 DJ

We had a great night and many thanks to Teresa, Claire and Mike for making it all possible. So how was your night at The Drinks Show? What was your favourite drink?

For more photos check out our Flickr page: The Urban Craze – Flickr

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