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Molson Canadian Cider – Media Preview

Last week we got invited to preview Molson Coor’s newest addition, the Molson Canadian Cider. The Media Preview/Launch Event took place at the Spoke Club and served up some nice appetizers to go with the taste testing that was lead. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I have always enjoyed a good cider. And of late, I’ve been preferring it more and more. I’m sure it also helps when your close English friend from the UK loves this tasty beverage. It’s basically our go to whenever we’re out at a pub or bar. But let’s be honest, it isn’t always the easiest to find a good cider here in Toronto or even Canada.
600 King St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1M3
(416) 368-8448

Molson Canadian. We know them as the big iconic brand/beer with their, “I AM CANADIAN” commercials that we all know and love… in fact, probably wish they continued making (I just had to attached some commercials below. =P). With Molson Canadian Cider they’ve decided to continue that Canadian pride and infused it into their cider. What makes this cider unique is that it’s made with 100% Canadian apples. So those delicious red/sweet dessert apples that we all love to eat, yup, it’s a core ingredient to this beer.

The Urban Craze - Molson Canadian Cider Brewmaster David The Urban Craze - Molson Canadian Cider Media

We got the opportunity to talk to Brew master David and Innovation Manager, Andrew Frost at Molson Coors who both were part of the team who crafted this new beverage. Andrew shared that what they really wanted to do is offer a cider that’s a little different. Molson Canadian Cider is a unique offering promising to be made with 100% Canadian apples only… that very essence of the cider really spoke to us. We felt that the cider was crisp with a little sweetness that ended with a very smooth finish. And we really liked this. The acidity from the apple and blend gave it a semi-dry body to the cider. It was truly refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

The Urban Craze - Molson Canadian Cider Banner Being foodies, we asked Andrew what would he pair this cider with? He was very happy to share that he in fact just smoked a whole bunch of meat and downed a few of these bad boys to compliment his meal. It sounded like a good combination to us. As we continued drinking it, we felt the refreshing nature of the cider would be a great choice during those patio/BBQ settings. We would probably pair this with pork or your typical suspects at a BBQ like wings, burgers and skewers. You can also pair this cider with the traditional roast pork or spicy sausages. Don’t like Pork, and prefer say fish, then try it with smoked salmon or mackerel. And for our cheese fans out there, try it with a mature cheddar (which we tried and it was amazing) or a creamier camembert and brie. Andrew shared one last thing that over at Molson, they are always working on new flavours or additions to their line up. Who knows, maybe the same time next year, we’ll be introduced to something brand new again… we can’t wait, stay tuned.

The Urban Craze - Molson Canadian Cider - Change it up

We’re glad that we were invited to the media preview for Molson Canadian Cider. Having it The Spoke Club where they paired it with scallops and some pulled pork was a great way to balance out the event. Many thanks to APEX Public Relations for the invitation and for being such great host. So when you’re about to host or join the next BBQ or patio outing definitely consider getting cider. Why not, “Change it Up”. Our advice, pour this over ice. With a crisp apple aroma, this cider just went down way too easily and quickly for us. We enjoyed it.

The Urban Craze - Molson Canadian Cider Team

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