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Lobster Love

LobsterLove, an event that many of us were looking forward to. So when we were asked to cover the event, lobster at a great venue like Evergreen Brickworks, how can we say no right? A lot of potential at an event like this, how did it turn out… well, we left with some mixed feelings & disappointment, here’s why.

Lobster Love
550 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4W 3X8


Parking is a known problem at Brickworks, but this was the perfect storm with 3 events happening at the same time. 1) A movie/tv show shoot 2) Another Private Event – Wedding? 3) Lobster Love. Our team members and our friend, Joanne of Foodie’s Roll all arrived between 5:50 – 6:15 for the first seating of the event. However, many of us were turned away and asked to park at Broadview Station. So that kinda started the night on a sour note.

Lobster's getting prepared
A pan of Lobster Thermidor

Now upon finally getting into the event, we were told there were delays before they can serve lobster. Alright, things happen and we’re understanding people… from what we heard the waits were between 30 mins to over 2 hours. Some people got just a shadow of what was advertised. This only got worse when we later found out some people were even denied entrance during the second seating (which started around 9pm).

Free Oyster Bar
Long Lineups Long Lineups that wrapped around

For the ones ‘lucky’ enough to get some lobster, it wasn’t bad. Now was it the best lobster ever? No.. And by no means was it the worst lobster ever. The general consensus from our team? It was alright. We were stuffed by the end of the night, so we’ll consider ourselves lucky. But we were surprised by the difference in the experiences people had at this event, even amongst some of our foodie friends. It hit a weird range where some had good lobster, some received poor attempts at lobster and some unlucky folks got no lobster at all. There appeared to be a shortage until a late delivery truck made its way to the event. We were definitely lucky (as you can tell from our photos). With this variance, it made it seem like we were attending a completely different event. It was simply a tough night on so many levels.

After lining up
Lobster Thermidor Lobster Roll

We spent a lot of time while waiting, talking to many of the staff on hand and the vendors on site. The live band, Chicken & Waffles did a pretty good. We enjoyed their music, but I guess with soo many frustrated people, they got shafted. People were pretty upset and they had their reasons to be. Our Team passed the time with some pretty bad jokes and spent the night basically making lemonade with the lemons we were dealt. And yes, we made a TON of lemonade.. we’re nice like it. We spoke to the good people of Alexander Keith’s, who were on site giving away complimentary free beer. Great people there and they too also tried to keep the crowd’s spirit up. The wait staff, Le Gourmand (who was supplying the sweets) and The Urban Smoke (who took care of the sides) were all super nice. The Oyster Bar was a nice touch. And who doesn’t like free P.E.I. Oysters, right? But those were the few positives at Lobster Love. We found that the sponsors, the support vendors, and other bloggers were all in good spirits really trying to make the best out of the whole situation. Trust us, it wasn’t easy at times.

Alexander Keith's in Action trying to keep spirits up
Scott of TUC enjoying a complimentary Keith's

Overall, the team and I felt it was simply a tough night. The event had soo much potential and we were honoured being asked to cover it. But we do sympathize with many of its frustrated attendees. It was poorly managed on many different aspects. We do believe however, there were good intentions but the execution was off. If you’re looking for a refund, Lobster Love has put out a public announcement/statement on their facebook page here. We can only hope for better lobster events in the future as Toronto has sooo many lobster lovers, and they definitely deserve better.

The Damage: $39/Ticket

Some additional shots from the night with Vendors, Oysters and the live band, Chicken & Waffles.

Live Band - Chicken & Waffles
Le Gourmand The Urban Smoke

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