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Food Share – Recipe for Change 2013

The Urban Craze
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Recipe for Change is a great fundraising event that’s hosted annually by Food Share. After partnering up with Food Share for our #TUC1YR Anniversary, Recipe for Change was something that we just could not miss. This year in 2013, it was by far the biggest event ever. With over 30 chefs, 30 VGA wines and 9 local beers to try and love, this event was a foodies dream. Each ticket purchased goes towards Food Share’s mission to create a healthy future for children right here in Toronto.

St.Lawrence Market North Building

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Chef Aaron JosephLooking at the line up, I was excited to see the great number of amazing local chefs. I was particular excited to see, Chef Aaron Joseph Bear Robe of Keriwa Cafe, Albert Ponzo of Le Select Bistro and of course our good friend, Matt Basile of Fidel Gastros. Seeing Mary Luz Mejia from Sizzling Communications upon arrival was sign of good things to come for the night. Many thanks for all you’ve done for Recipe of Change 2013 Mary. But it doesn’t stop there, seeing fellow foodies Stella Yu and Ken Samuel, I know I was definitely in for a treat.

Another nice notable that I noticed right away was how they handled the unfinished food. Once they received your dish, they would section off the remaining food bits into a bucket for composting later. Not enough foodie events do this.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Venison KielbasaHere’s a snippet of the night:

Starting the night off with one of my fav chefs, Aaron Joseph served up a Venison Kielbasa with cabbage and onions that was simple and flavorful, I don’t think I have ever had anything from him that I did not like. Albert Ponzo, showcased a seared Albacore Tuna with radicchio, black olives and walnuts. Probably one of the best seafood dishes of the night.

Caught both Sam Gelman of Momofuku Toronto and José Hadad from Frida Restaurant with their teams in action. And as expected, Momofuku’s steamed bun brisket with mustard, cabbage, and horseradish was a nice little dish. Frida served up a roasted garlic with butter kissed grouper on brioche. This was another great seafood dish that guest got the chance to enjoy.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Sam Gelman of Momofuku Toronto The Urban Craze - FoodShare - José Hadad from Frida Restaurant

Kristen and Dan Donovan of Hooked was shucking well over 550 oysters to guest with your choice of their house made horseradish, lemon or hot sauce. Our good friend Matt always remaining true to the King was working away bringing a smile to people’s faces with his PeKing Elvis Sandwich. Now Aaron Foster who was located just a little to the left of Matt served up a “Si Krong Moo Tod Kratien” which is Fried Thai pork rib with fresh cucumber salad that was quite tender and refreshing.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Hooked The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Matt Basile

If you felt a little more duck, Steffan Howard of Palais Royale was phenomenal with his Rosemary Smoked Duck Breast served with a Mousse of Duck Confit, and a Blueberry and Raw Chocolate Coulis. He was a pleasure to talk to and thanks for the wine recommendation. The team over at Pizzeria Libretto/Enoteca Social, Rocco Agostino gave guest a great vegetarian option with a warm Ribollita Salad with beans, beets, carrot, kale, fennel and potato.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Aaron Foster The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Steffan Howard

Jeff Dueck from Frank at the AGO provided another vegetarian option which I must say, I quickly ate two of their Vegan Fava Puree, with Sunchokes and Winter Vegetables. And ending off my night was visiting Dewey Truong of Chococrepe. Dewey provided 2 options for the night, a savoury Pulled Pork mini Crepes and Vegetarian Mini Crepes which I definitely enjoyed.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Jeff Dueck The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Rocco Agostino
The Urban Craze - FoodShare - IMG_3895 The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Jeff Dueck - AGO

At the event, there was also a silent auction going on with some great items up for bidding. I really enjoyed the artwork that was available and the type of conversations I was able to share with other fellow guest of the event. I guess it’s definitely true to what they say, a picture is most definitely work a thousand words.

The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Artwork The Urban Craze - FoodShare - Artwork 2

Overall, I must say, Recipe for Change was probably one of my favourite events that I have attended. The list of chefs was impressive. The event was well organized from beginning to end. All the chefs and fellow guest who I got a chance to meet were all amazing. I look forward to taking a deeper dive with many of the fellow chefs who I had the opportunity to talk with. Chefs like like Sang Kim of Yakitori Bar/Seoul Food and Bashir Munye of My Little Dumplings. It was really an honour to get a chance to talk to so many chefs and oh you know from our conversations I’ll be visiting or returning to each of your restaurants. =P I can only hope we’ll get the chance to attend Food Share’s Recipe for Change in 2014. It was truly a privilege to partner up with Food Share to give back to our foodie community for our #TUC1YR Anniversary. And with a mission like theirs to push and ensure that all our children have a healthy future, we can not wait to attend and see what’s in store Recipe for Change 2014.

The Damage: $125/ticket

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