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Feast on It Launch Party

Last week on behalf of The Urban Craze, I was invited to Feast On It’s Launch Party. Now you may ask, what’s Feast On It? They’re a new group whose sole purpose is trying to make your food dreams a reality. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. You submit your food dream, the Feast On It community votes upon the submissions and the winning food dream will be made a reality. And yup, if your food dream is selected, you get to attend that event for free. Check out their website for more details.

Feast On It
Held at Sazerec Lounge
782 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1N6
(647) 342-8866

The launch party was held at Sazerac lounge out west with some nice themes and food vendors to help celebrate the launch. Headed there with good friends, Joie from Zoeticepics and Mark which can only mean, it’ll be a good night. Right as we’re waiting to get in, Early Grey sorbet was served and Oysters as we walked in. What a great way to start the night right?

What's your Food Dream? TUC Brian's food dream

There was a great selection at the Open Bar which the favourite amongst the group had to be the Colonel Custard. Mark and I really enjoyed it, and would heavily recommend this drink. Delicious. We had a chance to catch up and chat a little with many of the Feast On It’s team. Kenn Koid the man behind FOI and Carmen Correia the lady behind FOI – two people with unmistakable passion. They both were the perfect host welcoming absolutely everyone. The launch wouldn’t have been the same without these two, many thanks.

TUC - Kenn and Brian TUC - Carmen and Brian

As if this wasn’t enough, we were also taken care of by Feasting Room who were serving some beef heart sandwiches and Pachuco delights indoors. Outdoors, Gourmet B*tches were busy serving Balinese Chicken tacos which everyone had the opportunity to try. It doesn’t stop here, we were all offered and served Caviar Wrist Shots. This is exactly what it sounds like. Put some Caviar between your thumb and index finger, lick it off like you would if it was salt for tequila shots and finish off with a shot of Vodka. Mark was my wingman here and tried it out with me. And no we weren’t doneee.. Feast On It also brought out the little child in all of us with some Ice Wine Cotton Candy by Pellar Estates. We were overjoyed.

Sazerac's Open Bar
Great Open Bar Menu Feasting Room in Attendance
Vodka Shots w/ caviar Gourment B*tches
Ice Wine Cotton Candy by Peller Estates Cotton Candyyyy

Overall, I had a great time at Feast On It’s Launch Party. They have a great team there and glad I had a chance to chat with Lon, Alex and Danielle from the team. No official shout out here, but we wish them all the best and feel free to check out their website. Making a food dream a reality is something we’ll be more than happy to support. Let us know your thoughts. =)

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best possible description of Brian: Works wayy too hard, but enjoys the simple things in life with a passion to give back to the community. He's interested in how things are started up and believes there are a ton of hidden gems within and just outside the city. Last but not least, continually grateful for all that has happened... the good and the bad. Cause honestly, we're more than blessed.


  1. Lon
    August 4, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    awesome Brian, glad you were there. Thanks for the write-up!

    • Brian
      August 5, 2012 at 11:17 pm

      Thanks for the invite and for being a part of a great Launch Party. =)

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