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Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show

After work on a Friday night, Shirley and I popped by Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show courtesy of our friend Fedele, the Principal at the Show. Thanks so much for having us! We arrived at around 6 or so and popped right in. The event was held in Mississauga at The International Centre, a convention centre right by the Pearson Airport.

6900 Airport Road
Suite 120
Mississauga, ON
L4V 1E8
(905) 677-6131


When we first got there the place was pretty quiet so we got a great chance to talk to many of the very friendly and generous vendors. There were hundreds of booths there! You could buy a tasty treat, check out the newest baking gadgets, find a great baking and cake decorating school, find your dream wedding cake maker or learn a thing or two from the stars at the baking demos. The Food Network’s Duff, Anna Olson, DC Cupcake Girls and SugarStars were all scheduled to come in and show Toronto their super skills. We were so excited! I love watching the Food Network. It’s like an addiction – once I turn it on, I just sit there with my mouth open like a codfish all day and never get anything done.

We were glad we got in a bit earlier to speak to the vendor because by 7:30 the place was absolutely jamming! The talent demonstrated at this show was absolutely breathtaking. Any cake you could image, they had it. These cakes looked just as cool and gravity defying as they do on tv. It was also good to know that they’re not as impossible to purchase as I had initially thought. Did you know that sandwich cake below goes for about $300?  Not too scary!



There were some gluten-y and not-so-gluten-y options for everyone. I have to say, I’ve tried a lot of gluten-free products and these biscottis were very well done! They’re pretty much the same as regular ones, except just a touch softer. I bought a box for my colleague who has Celiac disease and the whole office ended up loving them. I’d definitely recommend them.


There were treats from many cultures. We tried the Mexican churros and the West Indian hardo bread. Many thanks to both vendors. Both were fantastic. We love trying foods from different cultures.


There were interesting treats such as the Monkey Butter below – gourmet, handmade peanut butter in drool inducing flavours like maple bacon (which is vegan FYI), dark chocolate, white chocolate and much more. So good.

There were also interesting classes and programs you could sign up for that could teach you to do awesome things like carve this watermelon fish. Now who wouldn’t want to carve a watermelon fish? Seriously!


If you were too pressed for time to make your own, there were also some great services and products you could order like these fantastic pre-made sugar flowers you can order and just plop onto your cake. How they are able to ship these without breaking them must be pure magic. The look remarkably intricate and delicate.

There was a wedding cake decorating competition. Gorgeous! I don’t know if I would be able to cut into one of these gorgeous works of art though. I think I would feel a little guilty! Anyone find their dream cake here?


There was ridiculously gooey and chewy looking icecream… We wished we had seen this earlier on in the night because by the time we found the icecream man we were already full to our eyeballs in sugar. Anyone get a lick of this yumminess?


There was a Christmas cake decorating competition. My favourite were the Snoopy cake and the Santa pulling the sleigh cake. Talent was off the charts!

Near the end of the show we found ourselves the pet treat booth. This lovely little bakery made treats for dogs and horses.These treats were all made with human-grade ingredients and there were both regular and gluten-free options. Many puppies are sensitive to wheat so this was fantastic! I bought 2 packs for my pups – the harvest treats bag and the gluten-free cookie. I am happy to report that my two puppies loved their treats!

(Although Milo didn’t like the apple cinnamon one very much so Emma gladly ate it.)


We wrapped up the night on a delightful note with Anna Olson and a hearty crowd of about 150 to 200 people. At the show we learned how to make sablee dough, pumpkin creme brulee tarts, empire cookies, peach raspberry custard tarts, and learned many interested food science facts. Shirley and I, both with nutrition and food backgrounds, were thoroughly mesmerized and enraptured by her many fun and useful facts about butter, gluten, how to mix and match flour to create different baked goods and much more!

She told us stories about how food tv shows are made and how they spend days of the week just to film time lapses of things rising in the oven and silent recipe run throughs just to record the sound of thing popping, sloshing, and bubbling.

This lady is hilarious. I’d definitely recommend watching her show attending one of her live demonstrations. You learn so much.

Would I recommend this event? Overall, I thought this event was very informative and interesting. I think this event was definitely meant for the serious baker or food scientist who was looking for some really fantastic ways to improve their art. This is also a great place to go if you’re looking to purchase a fancy cake at your next event. The food demonstrations by Anna Olson was FANTASTIC. Love it. Wish I could have met Duff too though!

The Damage: $14 for an adult admission


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