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TO Food Fest 2013

The Urban Craze
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On blistering (literally) hot Sunday, my family and I headed over to the always fun TO Food Fest at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto in Scarborough. As some of you might remember from last year, TO Food Fest debuted in 2012 when a group of passionate young entrepreneurs called Youth In Business decided to help give local chefs a boost and for us eaters, a gastronomical adventure. For a nominal fee, $125 – 200, vendors can sell their delicious creations to all the attendees (who come in for free btw) and can keep all their profits – now THAT, is beautiful. 

TO Food Fest 
Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
5183 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada  M1B 5Z5


I arrived a little earlier with my boyfriend (and his big camera) for the media portion of the event and had a chance to chat with all that passionate vendors at the event. That’s the thing I really love about attending theses (relatively) smaller food events – the opportunity to really see each vendor’s face light up as they speak passionately about their dishes. It’s beautiful! Too bad they cut out the samples this year!

This year, TO Food Fest 2013 featured over 40 talented vendors that included everything from liquid nitrogen ice cream to rice dogs. The place was jamming, the food was rad and the AC was working indoors (thank you!). Here is a small snapshot of what we saw that day:

A very full house!

IMG_1203 small IMG_1221 small

Bakin Bits –  Scrumptious looking cakes and cupcakes. Mmm. Chocolate cupcakes with marshmellow frosting and a graham cracker on top. Too cute!

IMG_1061 small IMG_1052 small

Guess who else I saw there? My Nom Nom Nom Crepes buddy from the food stalls at Bathurst and Dundas! I used his “Heaven in a cup” (lives up to its name) to cheer up my old boss. Come to think of it, I used it on myself pretty often too… Today, he featured fried crepes!!

IMG_1104 small

IMG_1101 small IMG_1102 small

Marathon Milk Tea – love it! Duck Confit from the Urban Acorn and Kanga’s Australian meat pies. I didn’t know that pies are common handheld “snack” foods in Australia!

IMG_1035 small

IMG_1080 small IMG_1085 small

I also saw an array of sandwiches and snacks. The most creative award has to go to the pineapple bun hamburger with the taro fries.

IMG_1108 small IMG_1049 small

IMG_1116 small IMG_1118 small

IMG_1132 small IMG_1133 small

IMG_1134 small IMG_1135 small

We ran into my friend Melissa from my undergraduate program there! She has an Indonesian food stall called Kecapi! Both dishes were really tasty. The first one was a poutine inspired puff pastry sticks and smothered in saucy marinated meat with 20+ spices. It had a really interesting 15 second delayed kick at the back of the throat. The second dish was a fish grilled in a banana leaf. It was a bouncy texture and had a really nice light taste!

IMG_1148 small IMG_1140 small

IMG_1142 small IMG_1143 small 

One of my last year’s favourites – How ‘Bout Those Meatballs was back!

IMG_1095 small IMG_1098 small

IMG_1172 small IMG_1178 smallIMG_1173 small  

These were pretty cool – Rice Dogs! A roll of steamed sticky rice cut in half with a little sausage in it! They’re gluten-free! The flavour was a little bland for my tastes and the rice was so slippery with the sauce on it, my sausage kept squirting out completely. I nearly hit someone on the forehead several times! Overall, still pretty cool though.

IMG_1182 small IMG_1183 small

Some Japanese snacks from Gushi. Looked really cool but they didn’t have the firepower or manpower for a food festival of this scale. Food was cold :(

IMG_1189 small IMG_1192 small

This was the winner of the day! Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ! We had to line up for at least 40 minutes in the scorching heat with no shade to grab a taste of these babies… so succulent… so flavourful… so tasty :) mmm.

IMG_1196 small IMG_1198 small

I really liked Ice Volcano’s liquid nitrogen ice cream. No, not for the smoke show, though that was really cool, but the ice cream was so incredibly fresh and light and the real mango flavour was just so perfect for a hot summer day. Loved it. They do parties and corporate events too! Can you please come to MY workplace? :P

IMG_1201 small IMG_1214 small

Next we had the Filipino dessert Halo Halo t Lamesa. It’s made up of shaved ice, coconut, red bean, sweet and white beans, palm fruit, jack fruit, lecheflan, and carnation milk (I may have missed an ingredient or 2 in there). My boyfriend is Filipino and I haven’t seen him so excited about food in quite a while, in fact, he bought 1 and 10 minutes later, went back for a second.

Then we had the mochies – my sister’s favourite dessert. The ones at this particular stall called Moshi King weren’t that great quite frankly, no bounce, the flavours were dim or ill matched, presentation was sloppy at best. But, I have to say the flavours were super interesting – curry, durian, red bean, black sesame, wasabi ganache, fresh strawberries and a couple other options. We tried most of those flavours. I wouldn’t recommend the curry…

IMG_1218 small IMG_1227 small

And look who I ran into, my buddy, Amy from Amy’s Food Adventures! I took a picture with this celebrity ;)

   IMG_1228 small

The most important point of all, this year, I made it home with 2 beautiful bags of kennel corn. If you read last year’s post you’ll know what I mean. I slept soundly with a full belly that night!

Overall, 2013 TO Food Fest  was a fun-filled, packed experience full of familiar faces. I really liked the variety and the size of this food festival and I also love the fact that vendors actually get to keep their revenue here! It’s such a great start for many passionate foodies. Food selection was good this year, very diverse. I would, however, recommend you go as early as possible as the most popular stalls had lines well over 30 minutes several hours into the event. Given there is no entrance fee, it’s not in the TO core, the cost per serving is relatively low, I think this is a great option for foodies out there who are more into trying new foods than the DT atmosphere. 

The Damage: Average of $3 to $5 a serving

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  1. Ice Volcano
    July 21, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Great reviews! For sure, we can come to your workplace to make icecream fresh on the spot!

  2. Denice
    July 21, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Hi Ice Volcano! Great to hear from you! Your ice creams were really fantastic. Regarding the workplace suggestion, that’s actually quite a real possibility! I will send you guys an email from my work email on Monday morning for more emails :) Cheers and stay cool!

  3. TO Food Fest
    July 25, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    We’re glad you could make it out again and had a good time! Thanks for a great review!

    • Denice
      July 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      Hi TO Food Fest! Thanks for having us! Look forward to next year!

  4. Liko's Hawaiian BBQ
    July 26, 2013 at 1:13 am

    sorry you had to wait so long, we’ll be faster next year!

    Mahalo for da review!!


    • Denice
      July 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      YUM! Can’t wait!

  5. sebastian
    August 8, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    we love you

    hbt meatballs

    • Denice
      August 8, 2013 at 10:02 pm

      We love you too meatball head ;)

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