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Toronto Festival of Beer [2016]

Welcome to the 2016 “The Urban Craze Goes to Toronto Festival of Beer”. We will continue the tradition of all our previous years and let our readers know our favourite beers and other parts of the festival. This will also give our new readers a chance of also what to expect from the Toronto Festival of Beer if they’ve never been. TFOB (Toronto Festival of Beer) for those who don’t know is the event to go if you love beer in any capacity. There’s always a solid combination of music, food and fun loving crowd that keeps us coming back every year.
210 Princes’ Blvd
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
(416) 263-3800

Last year TFOB partnered up with Tourism Ireland to bring some Irish flavour to the event. Who do we have this year you ask? Our Swedish brothers and sisters! TFOB partnered this year with the Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce to bring you everything Sweden inspired. Not only do we have 28 amazing Swedish beers, we have 2 extremely famous Swedish chefs (Peter J Skogström and Roland Persson) showcasing us their talents inside the Sample Sweden Pavilion and Club House La Grille Grilling Tent.

The Urban Craze - TFOB 2016 - Twisted Tea The Urban Craze - TFOB 2016 - Friends

As with previous years, TFOB continues to work on a token-based system, where anyone can purchase tokens for money. We can then swap these tokens for any of the over 300 beer vendors that are here at TFOB. Each vendor has a unique pricing, but most charge either 1 or 2 tokens for a 3-4 oz glass or 2 to 4 tokens for a 6-8 oz glass. We at TUC recommend you go for as many 3-4 oz glasses as possible and try out as many different beers as you can. Be a little adventurous and try ones you would never have imagined trying. This way you can find something new you might enjoy and purchase it the next time you go to the LCBO. These tokens can also be used to purchase food at any of exquisite food vendors that are here

Now for the best part, some of our impressions as well as other beer goers’ of the best beers available at TFOB 2016. Warning, we do only try new beers we have never tried..

Omnipollo – Fruit Tap Sour Apricot – This was one of the couple beers we tried at the Swedish pavilion and one that stood out. It has a nice light fruity smell, mild citric taste that’s sour. Best way to describe is a sour patch orange kid. Definitely different.

Turning Point Cider – Continuing our tradition as one of the first to spearhead the cider movement, this cider was in our top 2 of TFOB and probably our favourite cider. Turning Point is a cider hailing from Vancouver. It’s a nice crisp cider that’s semi-sweet and has a clean refreshing finish.

Brickwords – Batch 1904 Cider – Another fan favourite with our friends was the selection from Brickworks. Batch 1904 in particular brought also a crisp taste but gave off tasting notes of a peach cider. And the smell, a little like fuzzy peaches.

Henderson Best ESB – A very good amber beer that was malty with just the right balance of hoppiness that stays true to an ESB. A fellow attendee said, “Probably my favourite, they just don’t make ESB like this anymore.”

Boxer Watermelon – If we can be honest, this wasn’t a beer for us. But a lot of people seemed to really enjoy this beer. They described it as a watermelon Jolly Rancher that’s 8.5% alc. Maybe give it shot and tell us your thoughts”

As you could probably tell by the years us at TUC have been to TFOB, we love this festival. Its one of the best festivals to go to during the summer in Toronto. What better way to relax during the heat of July than to try numerous amounts of beers from all across the world.

TFOB 2016 – BeerFest Gallery

The Damage: $42.50 / Ticket ($1 half a cup, $2 for full cup)

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