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Toronto Festival of Beer [2015]

Welcome to the now annual “The Urban Craze Goes to Beer Fest” (otherwise known as the best fest of the year). As with the previous years, we came to this glorious festival of beer to give you the readers the low down on the tastiest beers we tried at the festival and to give those who have never been a taste of what to expect.

So for those who’ve been to previous years, what’s new you may ask? This year, the folks along with Tourism Ireland helped bring the Irish Pavilion to the mix. This pavilion brings to us beer festival goers lively Irish music, chefs and of course Irish brewers and their amazing beer. Music was provided by four Irish bands: Hare Squead, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Hermitage Green, and Delorentos. These bands bring a mix of rock, rap and some folk music. It was a welcome addition to the top 40 hard from the rest of the Beer Fest tents.
210 Princes’ Blvd
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
(416) 263-3800

The tried and true formula has remained strong at Beer Fest and all the major brewers and craft breweries you’d expect made their return. The setup was similar to previous years and many were setup under their tents and booths. Many of last year’s food vendors as well came back to enjoy the festivities including Fidel Gastro’s, Smoke’s Poutinerie, Pizzeria Libretto, South Street Burger, and many more.

For our new readers, Beerfest works on a token based system where most patrons purchased 20 tokens for 20$. Any patron could then take their tokens to any of the hundreds of vendors and purchase either half of a glass (4 oz) or a full glass (8 oz) of beer. Each vendor had their own price but usually it’s either 1 or 2 tokens for a half glass, or 2 or 4 tokens for a full glass. Try out as many beers as you can- we guarantee you it’ll be worth it!

MGD Silent Disco Silent Disco - Scott & Brian

So, previous years we enjoyed some great music at the Budweiser and Budlight booth. We did the same again this year because this place is always packed with fun loving beer lovers. This year we also checked out the MGD booth/tent and boy are we glad we did. It was an innovative little setup where everyone in the booth received headsets and the DJ would play the music directly into everyone who had a headset instead of speakers. You can tell everyone was having a good time by the off-tune singing we all participated in!

Now for the best part, some of our impressions as well as other beer goers’ of the best beers available at Beerfest 2015.

Sleeman Lift – While a relatively light beer, both Brian and I enjoyed this one. It contained some coconut water and in general was a nice crisp and light beer to get the evening going.

Mcgrady’s Red ale – This was one of the couple beers we tried at the Irish pavilion and the one we enjoyed the most, if you like a strong caramel taste to your red ale, this is the one to go for.

Savanna Dry Cider – One of Brian’s favourite’s, Savanna Dry Cider is a crispy cider and it would be paired real well with some pork.

Melville’s Ginger Beer – Brought to us by Innis & Gunn, this beer was my personal favourite. Unlike some other previous Ginger beers that taste too artificially sweet, this one was perfect. There’s quite a heavy ginger aroma and taste to the beer. I’ve cooked ginger tea at home with ginger roots and the taste of this is very similar. This beer is smooth and provides a nice bite. Overall both Brian and I enjoyed this beer very much. Probably crowned our TFOB 2015 – Winner.

Dead Crow – “Bourbon and Beer, if you like bourbon and beer, this is for you” – Quoted by fellow Beer Goer Franco

Once again Brian and I can’t stop glowing about Beerfest. It’s an amazing festival that we urge everyone to try at least once. Not only is it a great way to try to find new beers to add to your fridge, it’s also the best excuse to party and meet other fun, beer-loving new friends! It’s also a great Christmas present, wink wink. =)

TFOB 2015 – BeerFest Gallery

The Damage: $39.50 / Ticket ($1 half a cup, $2 for full cup)

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