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Paintlounge – I Heart Art

Paintlounge’s I Heart Art is a new twist on how to possibly meet the one. I mean we have all heard of speed dating and blind dates… but Paintlounge wanted to come up with something different, especially when you put Art and Love together. I Heart Art is a event that comes around every quarter by providing an opportunity for 20 guys and 20 girls to see if maybe there’s a spark in the air. And being invited to cover the event, it definitely had a few interesting things up its sleeve.

I Heart Art
3603 Highway 7 E – Unit 106
Markham, ON L3R 8W3
(416) 900-2633

If you haven’t heard about Paintlounge and what its about, check out our article here. I Heart Art is already heading towards its 4th event and I have to say, the turn outs are always good and the tickets ($20) sell out fast. The Paintlounge staff begins the night by guiding everyone how it works and general rules. The general premise of the night starts off with each girl getting assigned a particular number that will lead them to that numbered canvas located throughout the store. Now if you’re not great at art, no worries, each canvas has a basic stencil to help guide you if you need a basic template. Or you can simply paint over it and create your own masterpiece. I love the stencil idea, it creates less pressure when you’re not sure what you would like to paint.

The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art 1
The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art Intro The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art 2

The ladies will stay put at their numbered canvases that they’ve been assigned. Now the men will have to do a little bit of ground work. They will have to pick up paintboards getting a mixture of colours in which the ladies will use to paint on their canvases. As you can tell from our photos, its actually kind of fun trying to decide which colours and combinations to get. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be the guy that has only has blue on your paintboard. But nor do you want to be the guy with all the colours of the rainbow. Cause yes, let’s remember, if we mix blue and yellow, we can get green. And if you’re there for too long, you’ll be letting your lady sit alone…. without paint.

The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art canvas The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art elephant
The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art consult The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art paint

Guys will be given a number which will indicate where they will be starting. So once you find the numbered canvas.. your night starts getting interesting. The guy’s duty? Consult, provide ideas or even take over the paint brush and show the ladies how its done. It’s completely up to you, on your approach. You can be serious about this, goofy or downright completely lost. Which sounds bad, would probably happen to me… so ladies and gentlemen, don’t feel bad. If you need inspiration, you can always pull out your cellphone and reference things online. There’s wifi available for use. Now you only have 5 minutes with a girl, so make them count. Cause once the buzzer/ringer goes off, you’ll be moving on to the next numbered canvas doing it all over again. If you feel there might be a connection, write down their name/number and make notes. This is important cause only matched guys and girls will be receiving each other’s contact information to further develop that spark.

The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art 4 IMG_The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art finished
IMG_The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art my fav IMG_The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art everyone helping out

There’s a small break in between, so you’ll have the opportunity to take a breather, catch some great snacks and beverages to keep you going. Or maybe you’re terrible with names… yes, guilty as charged again… le sigh. Feel free to approach them again during this break time and put their name/numbers down. When I was covering this, I saw some really good art work. People were super friendly and always willing to collaborate. I took this time to simply talk to the people there. People came from all over the GTA. From 5 minutes away, to people coming from Oakville and Downtown Toronto. The crowd was great. And once the break was over, you keep on going till you hit all 20 canvases. When you’re done, guys and girls have an opportunity to take the canvas home if they would like. If you need a little more time even after 20 switches, feel free to jump in and help your neighbor.

The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - I Heart Art Love
The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - Sam & Brian The Urban Craze - Paintlounge - closing off I Heart Art

Overall, this was a really interesting event. And even if you don’t meet the one, people were really nice. People ended up gaining a few new friends simply by attending this event. Or, maybe cupid was in the house that night. And speaking with Sam the owner, there’s been a number of good success stories. I’m not surprised by this. When you put Art and Love together at its simplest form… at its genuine state, good things come out of it. So I was glad I got invited as part of The Urban Craze to cover this event. And hey, if I can leave everyone with one thing… it’s that Cupid loves Art.

ps.. tell them I say hi. =)

The Damage: $20/ticket

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