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Food Share – Recipe for Change [2014]

Events 04 Mar 2014
The Urban Craze
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As we got closer to our second year anniversary, we took a look back at our first year anniversary at TUC. Where we decided to give back to the community and participated in Food Share’s Power Soups Program. This was probably one of our proudest partnerships and were happy to donate to a cause that’s close to us as foodies at TUC.

Even with the TUC team being pulled in different directions, our hearts and passion will always lie with the foodie community. So when we got invited to come back to their fifth annual Recipe for Change event, how can we say no? 30 Chefs, 20 VQA wines and 6 local brewers, and just hearing about the progress they’ve made is all we needed to continue supporting them.

St.Lawrence Market North Building

Almost immediately upon arrival was last year’s feeling of family felt. The vibe is a little different from other events. From the chefs/vendors down to the attendees, everyone’s passion for food was felt. But more than just passion, the goal of real and innovative change that’s taking place across schools in Toronto in raising food education to all children from JK to Grade 12 can be seen. And with their Field to Table Schools (FTTS), they empower them day in and day out on how good healthy can also be fun.

The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Eric Wood The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Pukka

Attending the event for the second year in a row, we were happy to chat with Eric Wood of Beverley Hotel which was serving a Rueben Caraway Rye Gnocchi and Pastrami Lambs Tongue with Dill Pickled Mushrooms, Red Cabbage and Apple Mostarda, Fresh Tarragon, and Gruyere Snow that was simply delicious. A mouthful indeed but done so beautifully, a fav of ours. And who are these two fine gentlemen serving a mean lamb curry that would make anyone want seconds? Derek Valleau and the folks from Pukka were all smiles in being a part of Recipe for Change and supporting in their mission anyway possible.

Bumping into a few of our foodie friends, there was a little bit of a divide and conquer to find our favourites. And with 30 different chefs present, this might have been one of the best adventures possible =P. One of the dishes that I really enjoyed personally was the chicken Arroz Caldo which is very similar to a Chinese congee but has a nice Filipino twist. If you’re a fan of congee, you should definitely check out Lamesa Filipino Kitchen. Many thanks to Rudy Boquila and Lester Sabilano as that dish hit the spot with the extremely cold weather of late. Also bumped into Albert Ponzo of Le Select Bistro who served up a Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragu. I was lucky to drop by as it was coming out hot and fresh of the pan. It was a comforting dish that was delicious and Albert sold it well.

The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Le Select Bistro
The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Lamesa Filipino Kitchen The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Albert Ponzo

I was able to also catch Frida’s chef in action preparing their Tacos de Pescado en Salsa Verde. They served up a nice haddock taco that was pan fried and topped with salsa. I loved the passion I saw when they prepare their foods, I was very lucky to capture that moment. Also got FRANK at the AGO’s chefs in action putting on the final touches of a grilled tofu and edamame salad with their pipan sauce on top.

The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - Frida
The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - AGO
The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - AGO2 The Urban Craze - Recipe for Change 2014 - ChefHouse

Once again, Food Share has really kept Recipe for Change as one of the top food fundraisers in the city. The passion for food may it be education or simply preparing it, it’s all here. Throughout the event, smiles were found from the chefs to attendees. And as 2014’s event came to an end, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2015. The progress they’ve made is exciting, and we’re glad we had the chance to partner up with them. If you’ve never been, I would say make sure you slot it in for 2015 and we’ll be sure to see you guys there.

The Damage: $125/ticket

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