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8th Annual KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival: Interview with Chef Jorel Claudio and Joash Dy

This week we had a wonderful opportunity to attend KAIN KALYE: Filipino Street Eats Competition at Kultura, Toronto’s 5 day Filipino Arts Festival. We also had the immense pleasure of e-interviewing two great chefs Jorel Claudio, Executive Pastry Chef at The Food Dudes and Joash Dy of Drake Hotel and formerly of Hoof’s Raw Bar.

Kultura Filipino Arts Festival
167 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2L4
(416) 979-0600

Hi Jorel and Joash!

I’m Denice, the Specialty Foods Lead and contributor at The Urban Craze. We’re so happy to have this chance to e-chat with you today. I’m a big fan of Filipino cuisine. My boyfriend is Filipino so I’m very fortunate to be a regular recipient of his parents’ tasty home cooked meals. Mmmm…

Alright, let’s jump right into it. Today, we’re going to attempt to get to know you a little better in 5 questions. Ready? Here goes!

For Jorel: You’re working with the creative geniuses at The Food Dudes! What’s your favourite part about working with this catering group?

Jorel: My favourite part about working with this company is the people I work with. I’ve worked in many kitchens where staff don’t get along well with other staff. At The Food Dudes everyone who works within the company is treated like family. The staff works close to each other and we strive to make sure our food is delicious as it looks. It’s a very challenging environment and we are always learning new things everyday as we are one of many companies that make everything from scratch.

For Joash: The last restaurant we heard you worked in was the fabulous Hoof Raw Bar. I can’t believe it closed last month! What are you up to lately?

Joash: I am currently working at the Drake doing pastries for the meantime. I will be going back to the Philippines for vacation in September for a couple of months.

Thinking back to your childhood, what was the most memorable Filipino meal experience you ever had?

Jorel: I don’t remember much of my childhood as I was in the hospital for a year infected with Encephalitis, causing paralysis from the nose down. I ate everything through tubes. Although, upon arriving in Canada in 1989. I remember my grandmother making the best dinner ever. Caldareta, pancit, lumpia, and nelusco cake was so delicious. Ever since that day, my palette has been so accustomed to her flavours that I’ve become picky when I try other peoples’ version of what she makes.

Joash: I grew up in a Chinese family so home cook Filipino food come far and few other than breakfast so my most memorable Filipino meal as a child is a restaurant called Gerry’s Grill I always get the pork sisig and the kare kare. It’s my favorite.

What dishes would be in your ideal Filipino meal?

Jorel: Fried eggs, langonisa, on rice with a side of lumpiang sirawa. Sans rival for dessert!

Joash:Garlic fried rice, longanisa, fried egg…

What is the biggest misconception about Filipino cuisine out there and what do you have to say about that?

Jorel: When people usually see something foreign to them they automatically think its gross. Balut, diniguuan, sisig for example are usual foods Filipinos eat on the regular. But when people find out whats in it they are automatically turned off to it. Must be a culture shock thing, but usually when they try it they end up enjoying it.


What do you do to stay creative and educated about new food trends?

Jorel: I read books and eat at different restaurants. I also stay after work to create things that I see in the books I read and feed it to the staff to ask for their opinion. We learn off of each other everyday because we are always making new products.

Joash: This was a hard question…I used to watch alot of food network but these days I just like to daydream a lot lol

Bonus question: Can you please make us something yummy to eat? : P **

Jorel: For sure! Come to Bloke and 4th and I’ll make you something yummy!

Joash:Of course

Many thanks for your time chefs! We look forward to meeting you in person soon!


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